How to Add a Contact Page to Your WordPress Site

Every site needs a contact form.

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to add a simple contact form to any page on your site.

Install the Pirate Forms Plugin

The first thing you need is a plugin to create the form.

There are many great free contact form plugins, but in this tutorial we’ll be using the Pirate Forms plugin by Themeisle.

screenshot of Pirate Forms plugin page

Configure Pirate Forms

Install and activate the Pirate Forms plugin. Then, visit the new Pirate Forms menu in the Settings section of your admin dashboard.

Configure the Basic Options

Once in the Pirate Forms menu, click on the Options tab at the top, and you’ll see the following page:

screenshot of the Pirate Forms Options tab

The first option is the email address to use when sending the contact form submissions. In other words, when someone submits a message, this is the address you will receive the email from and the address they will receive the confirmation email from.

The second option is the email address where you want incoming submissions sent. Change this to the email account you’ll check regularly for submissions.

The default values for the remaining options should work fine, but feel free to customize them too if you’d like.

Configure the Field Settings

Once you’ve setup the basic options, click on the Fields tab to continue.

screenshot of the Pirate Forms field settings

On this page you can configure the fields that you want displayed by the form. The four fields are:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Subject
  • Message

For most purposes, you’ll want to keep all four fields required.

There is also an optional setting to add CAPTCHA support.  You can disable this for now. If you begin to receive spam emails through your form, create a free reCaptcha account and enable this option.

There are three other options pages, but their initial configuration will work nicely. Feel free to explore them, but it isn’t necessary for adding the contact form.

Now let’s move onto creating the page for the form.

Create a Contact Page

The next step is to create a page where you will add the form.

Navigate to the Pages menu, and click the Add New link. You can leave the Page completely empty and simply name it “Contact”.

Example contact page

Please note that the name of the page doesn’t matter, so you can call it “Contact Us”, “Hire Me”, or anything else you’d like.

Add the Contact Form

As this point, you have created a contact form and contact page. The last step is to add the form to the page.

To do this, return to the Pirate Forms menu, and locate the shortcode:

screenshot of the Pirate Forms shortcode
Unfamiliar with shortcodes? Check out our shortcodes tutorial.

Copy this to your clipboard, and head back to your contact page. Now, paste the shortcode into the editor and save.

That shortcode doesn’t look like much in the editor, but when you visit the page, you’ll see it’s replaced with the Pirate Forms contact form:

That’s all there is to it!


You now have a contact page setup on your site.

Furthermore, you can add that form to any number of pages, or use the widget that comes with Pirate Forms to add it to your sidebar. If you ever find that you’re getting spam submissions, just signup for reCaptcha and integrate it with your site to stop it immediately.

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