How to Add Share Buttons to WordPress Posts

It’s easy to addĀ share buttons to your WordPress posts.

Since you’re adding new functionalityĀ to your site, you’ll just need a plugin to add the sharing buttons. Keep reading to find out the plugin IĀ use here at Compete Themes and always recommend to others.

How to Add Share Buttons to Your Posts

To add social sharing buttons, you can use theĀ Simple Share Buttons AdderĀ plugin. I recommend it because:

  • It has great display controls
  • There are many styling options
  • It won’tĀ slow down your site

The first step, is toĀ search for “Simple Share Buttons Adder” in your Plugins menu. Then, install and activate the plugin.

Once activated, you’ll findĀ a new Share Buttons submenu under Settings in your dashboard.

screenshot of the share buttons submenu

The very first sectionĀ in the Share Buttons menuĀ contains the Location settings:

screenshot of the locations settings

To show the share buttons on your Posts, simply click on theĀ Posts switch. This will automatically include the buttons on yourĀ Posts, after the content.

Then you canĀ use theĀ Placement option to control whether you want the buttons displayed before, after, or before and after your post content.

screenshot of the placement settings

If you want the social sharing buttons to appear on each Post excerpt on the blog too, turn on theĀ Excerpt locations option.


That’s all it takes to add sharing buttons to your Posts.

If you want to customize yourĀ buttons, you can choose exactly which social networks you want use, change the style of the buttons, and more with Simple Share Buttons Adder. There is also a premium upgrade available that adds a host of new button styles and features.

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  1. I use this plugin in my websites… is awesome!

  2. Thank you! Help me a lot! šŸ™‚

  3. Bryan Bryan

    It looks great

  4. Hi,

    I wanted to add the Share button on the excerpts on my website blog page, how can I add? I have turned ON the Excerpts on the Simple Social Share setting but the button does not appear.

    Please advise, thank you.

    • Hi Samuel,

      Try clearing your browser cache and your site’s cache if you’re using a caching plugin. If it still doesn’t show, try switching themes to see if it is an issue with the current theme.

  5. It is a great guide to add sharing plugin and thanks for sharing great post.

  6. I just installed the plug in. How do I add the share button to blog posts I’ve already posted?

    • The sharing buttons will automatically be added to existing posts.

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