How to Change the Author of a WordPress Post

Changing the author of a post should be easy.

Well, it is easy with WordPress, but only once you know where to look. Here’s where to find the option to switch post authors and some extra tips for doing it fast.

How to change post authors

The first step is to visit the edit screen for the post in your admin dashboard. Once there, click the Screen Options tab in the top-right corner of the screen.

the Screen Options tab

Make sure the Author box is checked off, then close the Screen Options. Next, scroll below the post editor and locate the Author box. You can now use the drop-down selector to switch the author of the post.

the drop-down for changing post authors

Once you select a new author, make sure to click the Update button to save your post with its new author.

A faster way to change authors

While the above method works great, you can actually change authors without even visiting the post.

In the posts list menu, hover over a post and click on the Quick Edit link that appears. A handful of settings will appear including the option to change the post author.

editing a post from the posts list menu

You can update the author from the drop-down menu there without even visiting the post.

An even faster way

There may be a time when you need to change the author for many posts at once. Changing authors one post at a time could be incredibly time-consuming. In these situations, you can edit in bulk.

On the posts list page, click the top checkbox to select all posts. Next, choose the Edit option from the Bulk Actions drop-down selector, and press the Apply button.

changing the author for many posts at once

A new set of options will show and this time every change you make will affect all selected posts. This means you can switch the author once and update it for many posts at once.

Even faster are you kidding!?

Yup, I’ve got one more tip!

What if you have 200 posts to edit? Sure, the bulk option is nice, but you’re only editing 20 posts at once which means you still need to change authors 10 times.

Remember the Screen Options tab from earlier? It’s available on the posts list page too. Click it and you’ll find a setting to change how many posts you want to display per page in your dashboard.

changing the number of posts per page

You can switch it to the total amount of posts you have, edit them all at once with the bulk edit tools, and then return it to whatever value you had before. Pretty cool, right?

Easy author editing

I hope you learned a couple new things about WordPress in this post.

We covered how to change authors for any individual post, and a number of faster bulk editing options. Even if you have 1,000 posts to edit, you can do so in a couple minutes using the steps outlined above.

If you have a question or anything to say about this post, please take a moment to leave a comment below.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
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