The 5 Best Contact Form WordPress Plugins in 2018

New website?

A contact page is always one of the first things webmasters add to their site.

Adding a contact form with WordPress can be very easy, it depends on the plugin you choose. In this post, you’ll find the five best options for adding a contact form to your site.

WordPress contact form plugins

There’s a mixture of free, freemium, and premium plugins included here. You’ll find extremely simple options for including basic contact forms and extremely feature-rich plugins for creating advanced and user-friendly contact forms.

  • 1. WPForms


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    Plugin Description

    WPForms is my absolute favorite plugin for creating forms. If you’re looking for an advanced and beautifully designed option, this is my top recommendation.

    There’s an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that lets you create forms with over a dozen different field types to choose from. Each field you add has editable settings for custom configuration. You can also customize the confirmation email that visitors get as well as the notification email you receive.

    Making a simple contact form with WPForms takes a minute or two, and you’ll have a comprehensive set of options for customizing the experience. That said, you can do much more advanced things with this plugin like show some fields conditionally based or even allow file uploads. You can read my full WPForms review if you want to see dozens of behind-the-scenes screenshots of this form builder plugin in use.

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  • 2. Simple Basic Contact Form

    Simple Basic Contact Form

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    Plugin Description

    Simple Basic Contact Form is my go-to plugin for quickly adding a contact form to a WordPress site. If you need a basic solution without any of the bells and whistles, go with this plugin.

    SBCF is completely free and doesn’t have any paid add-ons. This means you can’t extend the functionality with any premium choices, but the plugin also isn’t restricted in any way. It’s secure, lightweight, and comes with all the essential options you’d expect from a basic contact form plugin.

    If you want to see this plugin in action, take a look at the contact page in the Challenger theme demo. The contact form itself can be output in any post or page using a shortcode. This means you can output the form on multiple pages if you’d like.

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  • 3. Ninja Forms

    Ninja Forms

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    Plugin Description

    Ninja Forms is an awesome freemium choice for creating a contact form on your site. It’s incredibly popular and is used on more than one million WordPress sites!

    The free version of Ninja Forms is surprisingly feature-rich which is why it’s earned over 700+ five-star reviews on It has a similar drag-and-drop editor and number of fields types as WPForms. Instead of being a premium plugin though, Ninja Forms offers this base functionality for free and then has more than 40+ premium add-ons available.

    With the add-ons, you can add some really cool functionality to your forms like multi-page forms, MailChimp integration, and integrations with dozens of other software apps.

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  • 4. Contact Form 7

    Contact Form 7

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    Plugin Description

    While I’ve never been a huge fan of the Contact Form 7 plugin, it deserves a place in this list as the most popular contact form plugin of all time, and one of the most-used plugins ever. Contact Form 7 has an incredible 5 million active installs at this time.

    The reason I don’t love this plugin is that the interface is confusing and not especially user-friendly. WPForms and Ninja Forms offer a much smoother and streamlined experience. That said, this plugin is pretty powerful once learn how to use it.

    In addition to being free, this plugin just works. Once you learn how the shortcode system works and you can put together any kind of custom form you want, it becomes easy to work with and can be reused on any sites you make.

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  • 5. Gravity Forms

    Gravity Forms

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    Plugin Description

    Gravity Forms is an excellent plugin for creating advanced forms. If you just need a simple contact form, it may be excessive, but for advanced forms with conditional fields and other functionality, Gravity Forms is a great choice.

    As the original premium contact form plugin, Gravity Forms was extremely popular when it came out. It was way more advanced than anything else on the market and was one of the first form plugins to allow visitors to accept payments. As a plugin that’s been around for years, the code is very reliable and refined these days.

    Gravity Forms includes a handful of add-ons so you can build an email list with a service like MailChimp, process payments with Stripe, or even send messages into Slack.

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Which contact form plugin is best for you?

If you’re okay with paying for a premium-quality product, WPForms is the way to go. It’s easy-to-use, packed with features, and looks great on your site.

If you want a quick, simple, and free solution, I’d recommend the Simple Basic Contact Form plugin.

You’ll find pros and cons in the remaining three plugins, and all of them are worth considering, but the top two plugins here stand out to me as the best options. Regardless of which you choose, you’ll have no trouble adding an effective contact form to your WordPress site with one of these plugins.

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