How to Learn Gravity Forms Like a Pro

Admit it, you’re doing one of these things now:

  • Using an email address instead of a proper contact form on your Contact page
  • Selling goods on another site because you think payment processing on your site will be challenging
  • Putting off building an email list because you’re not sure how to collect emails on your site

There’s one thing these all have in common…

They can all be solved easily with a form. Yes, all you need to let visitors contact you, purchase goods/services, and subscribe to your email list is a versatile form plugin. With Gravity Forms, you get just that.

This week we’ve got something special for you!

As a customer and advocate for Gravity forms, I was excited to be contacted recently by Ian Anderson, of, about his new course.

Learn Gravity Forms

Ian has put together a 25-part video course teaching WordPress users like you how to use Gravity Forms. The course covers all the nuts & bolts of using Gravity Forms from basic form creation to more complex subjects like conditional logic.

The course comes out tomorrow, but you can watch the first few videos and signup for the launch here: Watch first three videos

What’s So Great About Gravity Forms?

Owning a reliable form plugin and knowing how to use it pays off. It seriously comes up over and over again while running and launching WordPress sites.

We’ve been covering basic WordPress tips and will continue to for some time to help beginner users master WordPress. For this reason, we haven’t tackled subjects that get more advanced like a comprehensive course on Gravity Forms. Ian’s course is a chance for us to direct you to a great learning resource that we aren’t providing here.

How We Use Gravity Forms

To see Gravity Forms in action on our site, visit our Contact page.

If you take a moment to navigate the form, you’ll quickly find that we show different fields to different people based on what they need. For instance, someone who needs theme support is asked to select the theme they’re using, whereas someone who has a general business inquiry never sees this option.

We even deliver the form submissions to different email addresses based on the information provided. Pretty neat right?

This is called, “conditional logic”, and it’s the basis of Thursday’s upcoming post.

Stay Tuned for Thursday

In two days, we’ll be posting an exclusive video from Ian’s course and a special discount code.

In the meantime, if you want to get started with Gravity Forms right away, check out this introduction to Gravity Forms from Ian’s course:

Don’t forget to subscribe below for the next video, and we’ll see you back here on Thursday!

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