Customer Support is an Opportunity

You can win and win BIG with great customer support.  Here’s why…

Great Products

People will always rave about a great product.

If you’ve ever had a chance to build your own product before, well, we both know that it’s easier said than done right?  Making a product worth raving about is incredibly hard.

Why is that?

Partly because your product is being judged in comparison to other great products.  No, not just your competitors, I mean every great product out there.

We’re all used to using products like Facebook, WordPress, iphones, etc.  Those are the types of experiences that we’re used to having with a product, and they’re the best products in the world!

The bar for “great” is set very high.

Great Customer Support

People will always rave about great customer support.

Here’s the difference: people are used to bad customer support.  Do you know how low the bar is set?  In 2012, customers said only 59% of businesses met their expectations and just 7% exceeded them in regards to customer support.

Amazing customer support will make your customers rave and it is, comparatively, much easier than making a great product (yes you can still do both).

There’s also something magical about great support.  In one word, contrast.

Like good design, good customer support has contrast.

When your customer has a problem, they are hitting their low.  Amazing them with your support can immediately put them higher than they’ve ever been.  That contrast, the spike in how they feel about you and your product, incites raving.

The Movement

Sharing great customer support stories is part of a cultural movement.  When Amazon sends a customer an unsolicited full-refund, they don’t just tell their friends, they post it online so 800,000 other people can see.

After observing so many others sharing these magical support experiences, we know exactly what to do when it happens to us.  In fact, I think people look forward to it.  The only question is, which businesses will give them that opportunity?

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