How to Delight Your Commenters

A blog comment.

It’s really a wonderful thing, but so often judged and passed off as an annoyance due to comment spam and marketers looking to get a quick link.

Let’s forget all that and look at a comment for what it really is (or at least can be): another person responding to your work. A fellow blogger/developer/businesswoman who felt compelled enough to respond to something you wrote after reading it, and inevitably, add value to your blog.

Thank You.

So how do you say “thanks” to the benevolent commenter who has engaged with you and your blog? Easy, you can send them a “thank you” email with Thank Me Later.

Something you can do now: Install Thank Me Later and write a simple ‘thank  you’ message. You can perfect it later.

Writing the Perfect Thank You Email

Let’s be clear, this is a marketing toolThe kind where you connect with people, so you can strengthen your relationship. NOT the kind where you link to your product and all your things and say, “hey buy all this stuff now.”

So how do you say ‘thanks’ in a way that will be appreciated and received as authentic?

Here’s how to do that:

1. Keep it short

When you keep the email short, you’re saying “I respect your time.” No one wants to read a long email and they don’t want to receive one either.

2. Give

Is there anything you could give this person that they might want? Not something you want to give them, but something they might need that is 100% relevant to them commenting on your blog.

For instance, our ‘thank you’ email directs commenters to where they can find their live comment and how to subscribe to other responses without having to comment again (for that we use Subscribe to Comments).

3. Am I being helpful?

After you’ve written your ‘thank you’ email, ask yourself: “am I being helpful?”

Not “could someone find this helpful?” I mean genuinely helpful. You’re not trying to get anything out of this person. You’re simply assisting them in any way you can think of and saying “thanks.”

4. Un-automate it

Okay, elephant in the room. Is it really that thoughtful or honest when the ‘thank you’ is automated? It’s a conundrum for sure.

Automating it kind of stinks, but that’s just the reality of the situation. You don’t have time to send them all manually, and their recipients might assume they’re automated anyway.

To make it more personal and human again, use your own email address as the “from” email address and invite people to respond to the email. If you also disclose that the email is automated, commenters are likely to appreciate your honesty and forthrightness.

Do you have any other tips for delighting your commenters?

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