How to Download Older Versions of Plugins and Themes

Need to download an older version of a plugin or theme? Follow this short, visual guide to learn how.

How to Download a Previous Version of a Plugin

First, search on or Google for the exact name of the plugin. Once on the plugin’s page, click on the Developers link.

Developers link on plugin page

When the page reloads, locate the Other Versions section, and you’ll see a list of links to every version of the plugin.

Other Versions section on plugins page

Click on a version number (not the “svn” part), and your browser will automatically download a zip file of the corresponding version of the plugin.

That’s all there is to it!

How to Download a Previous Version of a Theme

Unfortunately, themes don’t have a convenient list of download links like plugins, but you can still access all the previous versions with a little “know-how”.

First, search the theme repository or Google for your theme. I’ll use the Apex theme as an example.

Once on the theme’s page on, right-click the “Download” button and copy the link address.

copying link address from "download" button

The link copied to your clipboard will look like this:

The URL points to a zip file of the latest version of the theme. Notice how the version is added to the name of the theme in the URL. In order to download an older version of the theme, you just need to find an older version number and replace it in the URL.

To find an older version of the theme, scroll down the theme’s page and click on the Download Log link.

link to theme download log

On the next page, you’ll see a list of the previous version numbers for your theme.

list of previous theme versions

Let’s say you were on version 1.09 of Apex, and wanted to make sure the previous version was indeed 1.08. Now, you can see that 1.08 is in fact the previous version of Apex. Knowing this, you would then take the URL you copied from the download button that looked like this:

And change the version number like this:

The last step is to visit that address in your browser, and the theme will automatically download.

WordPress keeps every version of every theme distributed, so you can always use this trick to get an older version of a theme.

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