5 Must-Join Google+ Communities for WordPress Developers

Real discussion on the internet is hard to find.

Most social media sites are’t designed for discussion – they just incite short commentary. However, the Google plus communities below all do a great job of fostering engagement and interaction.

I love Google+ for the simple reason that I’ve managed to find communities that are fun to engage with and learn from.

Here are 5 excellent communities to join if you’re a WordPress developer.

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1. WordPress Developers

This is my favorite community. The moderators are great and you’re guaranteed thoughtful, and genuinely useful feedback if you ask a question.

The title of the community, WordPress Developers, is true to it’s name. Members share and talk about technical issues escaping more common WordPress user questions and topics.

2. WordPress

The general WordPress group is well-moderated and bustling as well. All things WordPress go here, so it doesn’t have to be technical at all.

This community serves a bit more as a point of discovery for new content, as more links are shared relative to questions being asked. Make sure that if you do share content it’s because you think the community will find it helpful and/or it will lead to discussion.

3. Web Developers, Web Designers, Web Coding

This community covers all things web design/development related and has a massive amount of members (over 70,000+). With such a wide topic range and so many members, I had been initially concerned about the quality of the community, but posts frequently create discussion.

There are a lot of external links shared, so it serves as a good place to discover new content and tools as well.

4. WordPress Entrepreneurs

WordPress Entrepreneurs is a community based around the business side of WordPress. The content shared is usually based on helpful tools or tutorials for WordPress business owners, or conversational articles about being an entrepreneur.

It’s not a large community, but has a great vibe and the most consistent interaction out of any of the communities here.

5. Search Engine Optimization

Are you nervous about this one? If I had to guess a topic with a lousy community self-promoting for links, I would say “SEO” first.

That’s why this community is great. There is SEO-based content and questions with real discussion. It’s a good place to pop in for a few articles to read or to see what new algorithm everyone is freaking out about 😛

Those are a few of my favorite communities. Have any to add?

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