How to Hide WordPress Widgets on Mobile Devices (w/o Code)

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Your widgets might look great on desktop, but they can clutter the site on mobile devices.

Sometimes the best solution is to hide them altogether. With the right plugin, widgets can be done removed from mobile in minutes. Here’s how…

How to disable widgets on mobile

The best solution to hide your widgets on mobile devices is the Restrict Widgets plugin.

screenshot of the Restrict Widgets plugin on

I’m a big fan of the Display Widgets plugin for showing/hiding widgets on specific pages, but unfortunately, it doesn’t have the option to target mobile devices. Luckily, Restrict Widgets has this option and is an excellent plugin as well.

Select a widget

Once you’ve installed the plugin, head to the Widgets menu in your dashboard (Appearance > Widgets). If you click on an active widget, you’ll see two new fields added by Restrict Widgets.

showcasing new widget options added by Restrict Widgets

Hide the widget

Don’t worry about the first setting yet. Instead, click on the empty box below it. When you do, a list of places you can hide the widget will show up.

Scroll to the bottom of these options and you’ll find the Mobile option you can select to hide your widget on mobile devices.

showing how to hide a widget on mobile

You can repeat these steps for every widget you want to hide on mobile. Even better, you have full control over which widgets are shown, so you can leave some active if you’d like.

Customize widget display further

Remember the first option we skipped over? If you click on it, you can choose to show the widget on the selected pages instead of hiding it. In other words, you could only show the widget on mobile and hide it on desktops.

No more mobile widgets

In this post, you learned how easily hide any widget on mobile devices. The Restrict Widgets plugin is pretty cool, and I bet you’ll find some other uses for it on your site.

If you have any questions about widgets and how to show/hide them, please post a comment below.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
This article was written by Ben Sibley. He is a WordPress theme designer & developer, and founder of Compete Themes.