How to Remove Yoast SEO Post Columns [w/o code]

Yoast SEO is a fantastic plugin, but it can make a mess of your posts list:

screenshot of Yoast adding too many columns
Erm, what’s the post title?

There’s simply not enough space for all that info. Luckily, there’s an easy way to remove the columns Yoast SEO adds, and it doesn’t require writing any code.

Hide the Yoast SEO Columns Without Any Code

First, navigate to your Posts list. Then click on the “Screen Options” tab in the very top-right of the page.

screenshot of the screen options tab
Be honest, did you know this button even existed?

Once you click it, you’ll be presented with a list of checkboxes. You can use these to toggle the visibility of every column in the post list.

Hiding SEO Columns added by Yoast SEO
Ahh now isn’t that better?

Once you hide the extra columns, you can read the titles again, phew! It takes just a minute to hide the post columns, so give it a shot now.

Did you know? The Screen Options tab is present on almost every admin page. You can hide/show all sorts of things throughout your admin dashboard.

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