How to Delete a WordPress Theme

Have some themes you’re not using and want to remove?

The theme delete button is tricky to find, but readily available in the Appearance menu.

How to Remove a Theme

UPDATE: I have a new video tutorial you can watch to learn how to delete any WordPress theme from your site:

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In order to delete a theme, first visit the Appearance menu. Once there, click on the theme you want to delete. In the bottom-right corner, you’ll see a Delete link.

screenshot of a WordPress theme being deleted

When you press this button your browser will open a confirmation box to make sure you really want to delete the theme. Click “OK” to delete the theme.

Only themes that aren’t currently active can be deleted, so if you’re trying to remove the active theme on your site, you’ll need to switch themes first.

What Happens if I Reinstall a Deleted Theme?

When you delete a theme, you are deleting all of its files from your site. However, its settings are still stored in your database.

This means that if you delete a theme, and later decide you want to reinstall it, you’ll still have all your old settings.

Why is the Delete Button so Hard to Find?

Some users have criticized the new position of the Delete button for being too hard to find as of WordPress version 3.8.

While the previous position was more obvious, it was also much easier to click by mistake (admit it, we all do this sometimes). Once you know where to find the Delete button, it’s not any harder to use.


In just a few clicks, you can easily remove any theme from your site.

If have any questions or feedback about theme deletion, please leave your comments below.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley is a WordPress theme designer & developer, and founder of Compete Themes.

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