How to Keep a Post at the Top of Your Blog

Need to keep a post at the top of your blog?

There’s an easy way to do it, and it doesn’t require installing any new plugins.

How to Keep a Post at the Top of Your Site

First, login to your site. Then, navigate to the Posts menu, and click on the Post you want to keep at the top.

screenshot of the post list

In the Edit Post page, locate the Publish box on the right-side. Click the “Edit” link next to the Visibility setting, and a few new options will appear.

Among the new options, you’ll see a checkbox labeled, “Stick this post to the front page”. Check that box, click the “OK” button, and update your Post.

Your Post will now stay displayed at the top of your site.

Can I Stick More than One Post at the Top?

Yes, you can use this setting to keep as many Posts as you want at the top. If you have more than one “sticky” Post, they will sort chronologically, like normal Posts.

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