Win at Typography: 27 Tutorials, Tools, & Resources for Web Designers

In this post you’ll find 5 different sections. Each has a set of resources that will help you improve as a typographer.

The sections are:

  • Free Online Books/Courses
  • Books
  • Tools
  • Blogs
  • Communities

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Free Online Books / Courses:

This is a collection of free books and courses online about typography. The first three basically cover the essentials and main topics, but the following three cover specific aspects in more detail.

Typography Books

I included the free online courses first because they’re more accessible and easier to check out and get excited about typography. For a more in-depth and complete understanding of type, the following books have been highly recommended by experienced designers.

Typography Tools

There are lots of tools to assist you in choosing & comparing fonts and completing many other typography related tasks. Those that are paid are marked as such and all others are free.

Font Squirrel – A collection of searchable, free fonts to use in your work. Unlike Google fonts, Font Squirrel has .otf and .ttf files you can download for most fonts so you can install them on your machine.

Google Fonts – Google fonts is the easiest way to include different fonts on your website. There are a lot of tools built in to the system including the compare feature which is very useful for pairing fonts.

Typekit (paid) – Typekit is probably the easiest way to add professional fonts to your site. It comes with a lot of tools for choosing and comparing fonts.

Typecast – Typecast lets you design your type with a visual editor and creates the CSS for you. It’s sort of like a live markdown editor, but specifically for type.

FFFFallback – FFFFallback is a bookmarklet that will scan your page to find the fonts being used and then create fallback fonts for you. It’s a quick and easy solution for creating gracefully degrading font stacks.

Lettering.js – Lettering.js is a jquery plugin that gives you down-to-the-letter control over your typography. It’s a great tool for making specific stylistic choices that might otherwise be impossible on the web.

Typography Blogs

After you’ve read the online courses and read a few books you should have a good understanding of typography. However, if you want to keep learning and keep getting better then (besides practicing) you should follow a few of these typography blogs:

I Love Typography – typography related news and posts, and everything type design related

Typographic – type Reviews, Books, Commentary

Ministry of Type – full of inspirational type-related posts and pieces

Typography Daily – curated work from around the web, daily

Type Theory – a journal of contemporary typography featuring news, views, reviews and interviews

Typoretum – a blog about typography, letterpress and printing history.

Typography Communities

Lastly, if you want to get better, you’ll need feedback and lot’s of it. Here are a few places you can go to discuss typography, share your work, and find work from others.

Typophile – a very active forum with various boards dedicated to specific aspects of type.

Typophile.tumblr – easy to browse and get inspired by.

Typography on Pinterest – Pinterest always has new content and examples of great typography.

Graphic Design Forum – there is an active typography forum within Graphic Design Forum.

Typography on Dribbble – a quick search for the latest typography tagged shots produces tons of great examples.

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