How to Make Your Website More Beautiful & Professional

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There is a famous quote that says that first impression lasts forever.

You’ve undoubtedly heard this expression before.

As a website owner, you might wonder what kind of first impression your site gets when visitors first arrive. Chances are, the more visually pleasing your website is, the longer people will stay and engage.

It is said that you have only eight seconds to hook your readers, so you can’t overlook the importance of style when creating a professional website.  

First impressions matter but…

The first thing the user notices when they land on your website is the design of your site and its UI. However, when creating any website, visual looks are not the only factor that matters in standing out.

Ask yourself: Is it easy to navigate? Does it fit the right audience? It’s essential to make sure that your Call-to-action is loud and clear.  

If your layout design fails or inability to do what the user wants to do, your content marketing is doomed to fail. So, here are some tips that will help you create a more attractive website to gain users’ attention quickly.  

Add visual content

Images are considered one of the most critical aspects of your website. Loud and clear pictures convey the clear-cut message your company wants. On the other hand, blurry pictures can make your website look unprofessional. If you want to draw people in, using the right images is key to telling your company’s story.  You should also use WordPress page transitions to make things interesting on your website without doing too much. 

Using your original photos instead of stock imaging also gives a more accurate feel to your website.  

Using engaging videos 

Like pictures, videos also play an essential role in making a website more attractive. Engaging videos can contribute significantly to making your website more visually pleasing. You can also use a video header if you want something unique from other brands’ websites. 

Some people even like to watch videos if they are right in front of them. An engaging short video giving the critical elements of your brand can contribute a lot to improving your website. 

Choose the right colors 

It is said that colors play a significant role in presenting your brand website. That’s why choosing the right colors and contrast is vital in designing a pretty website.

The complimentary colors of your website will help maintain people’s attention. If your colors do not go well on your website, people will not respond positively. The best way to choose a color for your page is to think about the vibe of your service and product and pursue colors that fit that vibe perfectly. 

Pick the right font 

All kinds of people will navigate your website and read your content. Therefore, your content should be easy to read, no matter whose reading.

One of the most important steps when making your website’s content easy to read is to choose the right font. Your text with the correct font should guide your visitors and create a positive experience. When readers can read your text correctly, they will return for more!  

You can follow this guide on changing WordPress fonts to do this easily.

Add photos & graphics 

Your website will look bland without nice photos and graphics. They’ll help you catch the attention of visitors instantly.

Photos can also help you maintain your viewers’ focus on the features you want to highlight. Make sure to add animated graphics that enhance your website design and overall structure.  

Use call-to-action buttons

After using all the techniques that make your website attractive. Using the right call-to-action tools is essential as they help the user know where to click and what to do next.  

When a visitor is on your website, a clear goal is presented in mind where they are. But where they should be going may not be understood by the visitor. Thus, having colorful buttons can help them to reach their desired destination, and will increase the business value you get from your website.

Make the design mobile-friendly

We live in an era where mobile usage is more than laptops. Hence, it is vital to have a website performing well for mobile phones.  

It can be one of the worst experiences a viewer can have if websites are only designed for the laptop browser experience. Thus, you can ensure your website is optimized for mobiles by regularly checking web-mobile accessibility. This can be done by getting feedback from users about your site. In the long run, a mobile-friendly website will help boost your sales and conversions because there is easy accessibility surrounding your website design. 

Try parallax scrolling 

How can parallax scrolling improve your website?

For one, the parallax effect will make your website appear more modern and advanced. You can use multiple backgrounds combined with 2D scrolling to create the illusion of depth and layers, known as a parallax effect.

This creates a fun 3D element for your website and makes your page more pleasing to the eye. It is a popular design trick for making your site stand out.

Try these web design ideas today

While it might seem vain, the attractiveness of your website is extremely important.

If your site looks outdated or ugly, people are immediately going to assume other aspects of your business are wanting.

Employ the tips above to make your WordPress site more beautiful and professional, and you should see the results pay off in no time.

I hope this writing gave you rich insights for making your website look better. Thanks for reading!

Bogdan Sandu
Bogdan Sandu
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