How to Password Protect Any WordPress Page

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Need to keep a post or page private?

You don’t need a plugin. WordPress has it’s own password protection feature, and it only takes a minute to use.

Here’s how to add a password to any page in WordPress.

How to password protect a page

This 2-minute video will walk you through the simple steps required to add a password to a post or page:

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First, navigate to the editor for the post or page you want to make private. Once in the edit screen, locate the Status & Visibility section in the right sidebar.

Status Visibility Section

In the screenshot above, you can see that the Visibility status is currently set to Public. The word, “Public” is actually a button and clicking on it will reveal the Post Visibility menu.

Post Visibility Menu
You can also make a page Private so only admins and editors can view it

In this popup menu, you can select the last option, Password Protected, which will then reveal a field where you can enter the password you want to use to lock the page.

Enter Password

Once you’ve entered the new password, click the Update button to save your change and the page will then display a password form before allowing visitors to see the content.

Password Protected Page
This is how password forms look in the Unlimited theme

This setting is a simple and easy way to lock content for subscribers or special members only, but please keep in mind that it’s not that secure since anyone who finds out the password will be able to access the content.

Alternatively, if you want to publish a post but keep it off your blog, you can find out how to do that and some other tips in this blog post.

More advanced password protection

If you want more advanced ways to protect pages on your site with passwords, check out the WordPress Password Protect Page plugin.

Wordpress Password Plugin

This plugin is really comprehensive and allows you to:

  • Add multiple passwords for a single page
  • Require a site-wide password to view your site
  • Lock sections within posts/pages with a password

Password-protected pages

In just a minute or two, you can quickly lock down any post or page on your site using the method outlined above.

This is the absolute simplest way to give a select group of people access to content on your site.

If you want a more comprehensive solution, you may want to try out a membership plugin or view this list of client portal plugins to restrict access to pages on your site.

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Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
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