How to Redirect WordPress Pages & Posts

Redirects are yet another feature you can add to WordPress with plugins. Here’s how you can easily add new redirects to your site with the Quick Redirects plugin.

Redirecting Posts & Pages in WordPress

The first step is to install the Quick Page/Post Redirects plugin:

Quick Page/Post Redirect Pluginaa

Once installed, you’ll find a new Quick Redirects panel in your dasboard:

screenshot of the Quick Redirects menu

How to add a redirect

To setup a new redirect, enter the URL you want visitors to be redirected from in the Request URL input. Then put the page you want visitors to be redirected to in the Destination URL input.

The NW box stands for new window. You most likely do not want to open the page in a new window. Ideally, visitors won’t notice they’re being redirected.

The NF box stands for “nofollow”. This is an SEO term that basically tells Google not to trust the link. If you’re redirecting from one page on your site to another, there’s no reason to use this option.

Other settings?

Quick Post/Page Redirects has a few other menus including one to configure all of your redirects.

screenshot of the main Quick Redirect options panel

If you’re just looking to add a few redirects to your site, you likely won’t need to touch any of these options. The majority of the settings here are for bulk editing all redirects at once.

One setting you may want to enable is the second option to hide the metabox on posts and pages. Quick Redirects adds this box below the editor for posts/pages, and you probably don’t need it:

screenshot of the post/page redirect meta box

Redirect Questions?

Redirects are invaluable for webmasters. Over time, you’re bound to move posts and pages leaving 404 errors in their absence. The Quick Post/Page Redirects plugin is the simplest way to utilize redirects on your WordPress site.

If you have any questions about the plugin or redirecting pages with WordPress, please leave a comment below.

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  1. Pip Pip

    For absolute newbies like me it would be very useful to include a glossary for terms.,and benefits and cons. For example I might not know what a “redirect ” is so why might I want or need it.

    • Ben Sibley Ben Sibley

      Hey Pip,

      Thanks for the feedback! I can do another post outlining the various types of redirects and what they mean for WordPress sites.

  2. Kate Kate

    I’m with Pip. I don’t understand what a redirect is needed for or why I would want to use it.

  3. Criando negocios online Criando negocios online

    I’m using the plugin. It really is efficient to make redirects without problems.

  4. Bashir Ahmed Bashir Ahmed


    Thanks for sharing the useful post. I’ve a question and please help me. I don’t want to install the plugin for redirect to an old post to new post.

    Please tell me how can I add redirect in .htaccess file?

    I’d appreciate your help!

    • Ben Sibley Ben Sibley

      Hi Bashir,

      This article does a good job of outlining how to use the .htaccess file for redirects.

  5. Marcos Marcos

    After much searching I finally found a simple and easy to understand article explaining how to do a redirect in the correct way in WordPress. Thank you very much.

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