How to Schedule a WordPress Post to Publish Later

Did you know WordPress has a post scheduling feature?

Scheduling a post allows you to tell WordPress precisely when you want it published, so you don’t have to be in your dashboard clicking the Publish button.

How to Schedule a WordPress Post

The first step is to the visit the post you want to schedule in your dashboard.

Once there, locate the Publish meta box in the top-right corner:

screenshot of Publish meta box in post editor

You may not have noticed it before, but there are three settings you can edit there:

  • Status
  • Visibility
  • Publish on

Click on the blue Edit link next to where it says the date, and you’ll see a new option appear.

With the date settings, you can specify exactly when you want the post to be published, down to the minute. Once you define the time you want the post published, click the gray OK button, and you’ll see the Publish button update to say Schedule instead.

Click the Schedule button, and you’re done.

One More Thing!

Before you continue on your merry way, visit the General Settings page and check your site’s timezone setting.

Make sure your site is using your timezone. If your site is using a different timezone, your scheduled post is not going to get published when you want it to.

Once that’s in order, you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of WordPress’ automated post scheduling.

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