How to Show One Category Only on Your Homepage

Why is it so hard to get your homepage to display just one category? I set out to find a simple solution.

I tested five different plugins, and finally found one fit for the job. Here’s my review of those plugins, and how to use the one I chose to show only one category on your front page.

The Best Plugin to Display One Category

The plugin I chose is Home Categories. Before I explain how to use it, let me tell you why I chose it in the first place.

Include Categories, Not Exclude Categories

Most plugins that¬†edit categories shown on the homepage are designed to exclude categories.¬†This doesn’t work well for displaying one category on your homepage because…

1) If you have dozens of categories, they require you to check every single box to exclude each category. What a pain!

2) Every time you publish a new category, it’s going to get included automatically on the homepage. You’ll have to remember to update the settings to exclude the new category too. That’s just tedious.

Home Categories was the only plugin that lets you easily choose one category to display, instead of choosing every other category to exclude.

The one caveat with the Home Categories plugin is that it hasn’t been updated in 2 years. That said, it still works perfectly fine as of now.

The Other Plugins

During my search, I also tested the following four plugins:

Front Page Category¬†hasn’t been¬†updated in over 2 years, and produced error messages when debugging, so I can’t recommend it.

Simply Exclude also caused a number of error messages, and I found it confusing to use.

WP Exclude from Homepage is approaching 2 years since its last update, and also caused errors.

Lastly, while Ultimate Category Excluder hasn’t been updated in 2 years, it worked perfectly fine and caused no errors. However, it requires you to¬†exclude categories, rather than include them making it a poorly designed choice for our needs.

Now that you understand my choice and selection process, let’s move on to how to actually use the Home Categories plugin to show one category on your homepage.

How to Use the Home Categories Plugin

Once you’ve installed and activated Home Categories, you’ll find a new¬†Home Categories menu under your Settings menu.

In the Homepage Categories settings, you’ll see the following interface:

screenshot of the Home Categories plugin interface

The first setting¬†is the “Filter mode”.¬†In our case, we want to select the “Show selected categories only” option.

Then, check the box for the category you want displayed on your homepage, like this:

screenshot of Home Categories in use

Lastly, save your changes, and you’re done!

Your blog will now only display posts from the category selected.

Unlike many of the other plugins, Home Categories is the perfect choice for displaying categories on your front page because it lets you quickly choose one category to display, rather than choosing every other category to not display.

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