How to Submit Your First WordPress Plugin

Publishing your first plugin can be both exciting and intimidating.  Is my plugin good enough?  Will people download it?  What the heck is subversion!?

Take a breath, and just follow this tutorial 🙂

This guide is meant to be a resource for plugin developers trying to get their first plugin published successfully on the Plugin Repository.

How to Get Approved

Getting approved to be added to the repository isn’t hard.  All you need to do is follow the rules and use your best judgement.  Here are some articles that will help guide you on your path to approval.



  • Approval can take anywhere from 6 hours to 6 days, be patient!
  • You don’t need a page on your site explaining your plugin if you host it on the repository
  • Don’t forget to add a readme.txt that is up to standards


  • Readme validator
    • The readme validator will find any errors or missing information in your readme.txt. Not all sections, like a donation link, need to be present in order to get approved.

How to Add a WordPress Plugin

Once you’re sure your plugin is up to standards and adheres to the guidelines, you can submit it to the official repository.



  • Search the repository for your plugin’s name to make sure it doesn’t already exist
  • If you get an error telling you that your plugin already exists in the repository and it does not, this means you are using a banned word. Most likely, you will have to remove the word “WordPress” because it is a banned word.
  • Use a gravatar email to have your image show up on


  • No tools needed here 🙂

How to Use Subversion

Once you get approved, your plugin will appear here  Now, you’ll need to use the subversion system in order to add your plugin files.


(I included a few tutorials here in case any individual article isn’t clear enough)


  • When logging in, your username is case-sensitive. Make sure you enter your name properly or you will get an error every time
  • After uploading your files, your plugin will appear in the repository in 5-15 minutes.


  • Tortoise SVN
    • Provides Windows users with a GUI for subversion
  • SCPlugin
    • Provides Mac users with a GUI for subversion
  • Versions
    • Another alternative for Mac users

If you have any other resources, tips, or tools that would make this guide even more helpful for first-time plugin publishers, leave a comment or contact us via the contact form.

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  1. Do i need to submit file using this tools like tortoiseSVN or initially just send them file in zip and wait till i get approved?
    Sorry but i m new and developing my first plugin. Your tutorials will be handy for me.

    • There is an uploader on where you can attach a zip file for the initial upload. After this, you’ll use SVN to update the plugin.

  2. Great guide for wordpress plugin submission, I would like to share it on my profile. I think you have to edit your blog as per the new wordpress guideline. it helps to find more viewers for your guide.

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