How to Change the Font in a WordPress Post

Looking to change the font in one of your posts?

If you want to change the font across ALL your posts or your entire site, follow our tutorial on changing fonts. However, if you want to alter the font of particular text in a post, keep reading.

How to change fonts

To change fonts within a post, we’ll use the TinyMCE Advanced plugin.

TinyMCE Advanced

The WordPress editor is built from a program called “TinyMCE.” The TinyMCE Advanced plugin simply adds more functionality to the existing editor.

Once you install & activate the plugin, you’ll find a new set of options added to the editor including the font family drop-down.

Font family drop-down selector

To use it, highlight the text you want to edit and use the drop-down selector to choose a new font.

Changing the font family for some text

The highlighted text’s font will change immediately. Don’t forget to save/update the post!

At the time of writing, you’ll have access to 17 font families. This includes a variety of basic system fonts including classic serifs like Times New Roman, and sans-serif Helvetica.

WordPress fonts updated

With the help of TinyMCE Advanced, changing fonts in WordPress posts and pages is easy. While you may want to use a different solution if you’re changing fonts a lot, this is the best approach for any one-off font updates.

Do you have any questions about changing fonts in WordPress? Post a comment below.

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