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Let’s go back to 2004 when the web-design industry was young, and websites looked, well, not as amazing as they do today.

TemplateMonster was a new company with a team of five at that time. They had been making custom websites and thanks to a partner who lived in the US, were reaching clients in both Eastern and Western countries.

Among the original team members was a developer with a knack for quickly building new websites. He did it with the help of a collection of pre-made elements to aid in the site creation process.

That’s what gave TemplateMonster a push to make ready-made website templates. In fact, none of them thought the idea of creating an out-of-the-box theme could become so marketable, but every hypothesis needs confirmation, so TemplateMonster dove into the world of templates with pre-made PSDs.

Templates: the Beginning

Marketeplace Icons

It would be dishonest to say everything went smoothly right away.

TemplateMonster had its share of ups and downs like that time Steve Jobs essentially “killed” Flash technology in an open letter on Apple’s website. Thanks to a persistent entrepreneurial team, they pushed through their challenges and adapted with the technology of the times.

TemplateMonster’s continued faith in their vision and coordination amongst team members enabled them to survive the challenges of the ever-competitive web design industry.

How to Become a TemplateMonster Marketplace Vendor


Believe it or not, TemplateMonster wasn’t so interested in being a Marketplace when they shifted into building websites. Only in mid-2016 did the team decide to make some global changes and prepare for the transition into a marketplace.

Now that TemplateMonster is an open marketplace, any theme designer can become an author and sell their products on TemplateMonster’s Marketplace!

TemplateMonster originally began their development as a marketplace by personally inviting theme designers to the platform. After some initial success, including a developer from Belarus who has earned over 2ok from his responsive WordPress themes, the marketplace has now opened up for anyone to apply.

Here are a few points to consider if you’d like to join the TM marketplace as a theme author.

TemplateMonster Author FAQ

Join The Marketplace

Q. What kinds of digital products can I upload to the website?

A. We accept only the most popular and demanded products and search only for them.

Q. Is my product good enough?

A. Our amazing Review Team will answer this question after they take their professional look at it and find out whether it has everything that is described in the documentation.

Q. What’s the cut?

A. For exclusive products 70% cut from each sale, non-exclusive – 40% cut.

Q. Why to choose TemplateMonster’s Marketplace, not ThemeForest, for example?

A. There are plenty of benefits offered by TemplateMonster.

  • ThemeForest doesn’t allow the opportunity to sell both exclusive and non-exclusive products.
  • It will take our Review Team 12 hours on average to view your product. More complex digital products are checked in 1-3 days. ThemeForest reviews your digital products within two weeks or even longer.
  • No limits set for the number of products that can be uploaded, in comparison, Themeforest allows only one product submission per category at a time.
  • Vendors can get in touch with the review team via ticket system.
  • Vendors can assign more than one category to their digital products from their profile.
  • It’s possible to choose various payment systems.

In addition to this, TemplateMonster is developing a Quality Index system which will give a ranking to all vendors and make it easier to choose among all possible products. Share your best work and make money from it!

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Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley is a WordPress theme designer & developer, and founder of Compete Themes.

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