TemplateMonster Launches ONE Subscription Offering Unlimited Web Design

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ONE subscription is the ultimate web design package. If you like to switch themes a lot or you’re building multiple websites, check it out.

One includes access to over 8,500+ items including WordPress themes, plugins, graphics, and more. Plus, you get access to a professional support team to help you through any site issues you encounter.

While ONE is perfect for WordPress users, you’ll find themes and plugins for PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify, and more inside.

Moreover, all the items you get are of outstanding quality. Before being added to the ONE, each component is carefully checked and tested. Thus, quality is guaranteed.

Let’s take a look now at what you’ll get and how much this service costs.

What does the ONE subscription look like?

To start with, let’s mention that this subscription service provides you with more than 8,500+ items.

Thousands Of Products

But what is waiting for you in the pack? The service includes the following items:

  • More than 1,000 WordPress themes, including such outstanding ones like Monstroid and Monstroid2.
  • Over 40 plugins, including the Jet Family plugins.
  • More than 2,000 themes and templates for E-commerce CMS’ like Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce Themes, OpenCart, and VirtueMart Templates.
  • 3,000+ graphics including invitation flyers and Instagram story banners and post templates.
  • 14 presentation templates.
  • Over 1,000+ premium HTML templates made for a wide range of businesses including ad agencies and real estate brokers.
  • More than 1,000 additional templates for other CMS.

With ONE, you get unlimited access to all of these downloads.

If you need help with your site, feel free to ask and you’ll get a response from the TemplateMonster support team right away. They promise fast, efficient, and professional support for all customers.

Moreover, there is a private Facebook community for ONE subscribers. There you can share your experience of using the ONE and find like-minded webmasters to discuss with.

Unlimited Downloads

Who is ONE for?

ONE has such a diverse range of products that many webmasters will benefit from a subcription.

That said, there are several groups that I think will benefit most:

  • Bloggers will have an opportunity to choose a perfect WordPress theme to start their blogs and make them popular.
  • eCommerce store owners will be pleasantly surprised by the number of templates designed specifically for e-commerce.
  • Web designers will appreciate the service, as it contains all the necessary products to build many websites.

If you plan on building many websites or frequently updating your website, you’ll make great use of ONE.

What else does ONE include?

For now, ONE includes the 8,500+ items mentioned already. However, there are actually some additional services that will come bundled in the future.

These expert services include:

  • Template installation
  • Web hosting
  • SEO optimization
  • Extra customizations

The added services will make ONE a truly valuable service for your online business.

How much does it cost?

ONE has only one pricing tier and costs just $19/month. That’s a fantastic value given how many products you gain access to.

At this time, TemplateMonster is requiring annual payments upfront, so the subscription will run you $229/year.


A $229 price tag upfront is certainly more than your average $59 theme, so you’ll have to decide if a year’s access to ONE will be worthwhile for you.

To review again, a subscription to ONE will get you unlimited access to 8,500+ themes, plugins, and graphics, and professional tech support for all of these products.

How does the license work?

When you purchase the subscription, you are provided with a Yearly Unlimited License.

Limitless Downloads

Your license gives you unlimited access to all the items that the service contains. Just download and make use of them for one year from the date you have bought the subscription. Use any product for personal websites or commercial projects.

If you build a site for a client (or yourself) and your license expires, it won’t affect your site at all. You can continue using the themes/plugins/graphics, but you won’t be able to redownload any of them until you renew your subcription.

ONE subscription pros and cons

You know already that ONE offers a wide range of products, but let’s review the pros and cons of purchasing a subscription before moving on.

Everything For Building Websites


  • A variety of WordPress themes, HTML and CMS templates
  • Presentation templates for all niches
  • A magnificent collection of platforms for E-commerce
  • Hundreds of flexible plugins
  • Unique graphic elements for use on your site and social media channels
  • A reasonable price for the subscription service
  • An opportunity to take advantage of the downloaded products that are used in the completed projects after the license expires


  • The annual pricing makes it a large upfront investment
  • You may feel “locked in” after purchasing and using the products on your sites

Final words

To sum up, the ONE is an outstanding subscription service that offers a variety of products collected in one place. The target audience of the service varies from bloggers who may take advantage of the items for their personal use to professional web designers building for clients.

Besides the main content, some additional services will be at your disposal in a little while. If you need help with hosting, SEO optimization, you will be assisted in these issues.

The one caveat with this service is the expensive upfront cost. If you can get past that, ONE could be a real boon for your web design business.

You can click here to get started if you want to try out ONE for your own projects.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
This article was written by Ben Sibley. He is a WordPress theme designer & developer, and founder of Compete Themes.