The 5 Best WooCommerce Geolocation Plugins for 2023

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Need geolocation features for your WooCommerce store?

This collection has a plethora of options.

In this article, I’ve assembled a group of plugins that add all manner of geolocation options to WooCommerce.

With these plugins, you can update the store currency based on the visitor’s region, limit local deliveries, and even restrict pages entirely based on the customer’s location.

Geolocation WooCommerce plugins

Since there is no defining “geolocation” feature, this post includes a variety of options.

Browsing through this collection, you should find what you need regardless of how you’d like to integrate the visitor’s location into the shopping experience.

Here are the best geolocation plugins for WooCommerce.

  • 1. WooCommerce Geolocation Plugin

    WooCommerce Geoip Plugin

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    Plugin Description

    The WooCommerce GeoIP plugin is perfect for restricting access to your site based on the visitor’s location.

    When a visitor arrives, this plugin checks their IP address and uses it to reliably find their geological location. This geolocation technology is well-established and works great regardless of what country the visitor is in.

    Using the visitor’s location, you can then create rules to completely block them from your site or restrict specific content. For example, you can remove certain products, categories, or regular pages from your site based on the visitor’s location.

    Another useful feature is the option to redirect visitors instead. This means you can serve different content to visitors based on their region which is really practical.

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  • 2. WooCommerce All in One Currency Converter

    WooCommerce All In One Currency Converter

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    Plugin Description

    If you want to update the currency used based on the visitor’s location, you can’t go wrong with this WooCommerce plugin.

    This currency plugin made the list because of its integrated geolocation feature. With this feature, the plugin can automatically detect the customer’s location based on their IP address and update the currency across the entire site.

    There’s an important distinction to be made with this plugin regarding the use of currencies. Some currency switcher plugins only change the display of the currencies. You can limit this plugin to only update the display, but it can also change the currency that is actually used during checkout. This allows customers to view regional currencies on your site and use that currency to complete the purchase.

    It’s a fairly simple plugin to use. You’ll find a new settings menu in the admin dashboard where you can choose the currencies you want to offer and either set the exchange rates manually or automatically using a third-party API.

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  • 3. WooCommerce Local Delivery

    WooCommerce Local Delivery Shipping

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    Plugin Description

    This geolocation plugin is perfect for local deliveries.

    With the WooCommerce Local Delivery plugin, you can create a custom map to decide where you deliver to. You get a Google Maps embed where you can draw polygons over top to define distinct delivery boundaries. You can even create multiple delivery zones and change the shipping cost based on the zone being shipped to.

    When customers are checking out, they can either set a pin on the map or simply enter their address. Once they do that, the geolocation feature will find their location on the map and check if it is within one of the delivery zones or not. It’s a very configurable plugin and works great for limiting delivery zones and customizing the cost of each zone.

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  • 4. Price By Country

    Price By Country

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    Plugin Description

    If you want to change the price of your products based on the visitor’s location, you can’t beat the Price by Country plugin. It’s designed in a smart way that provides all the nuance and flexibility you’ll need.

    With Price By Country, you can adjust the price of all your products at once for a country with a single setting. You can also adjust entire product categories, and change product’s pricing individually. This is a flexible system that provides maximum control.

    Regarding the pricing changes, you can either adjust the price with a percentage or by a fixed amount. For instance, you could increase the price of all goods by 10% in France, or increase the price by $10 flat for Germany. These options are available across the entire store and individual products.

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  • 5. Dokan Geolocation

    Dokan Geolocation

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    Plugin Description

    This plugin is a bit different.

    Dokan is a WooCommerce-powered plugin for creating multi-vendor marketplaces. With the Geolocation plugin, you get all sorts of location-based functionality added to your site.

    First off, the store search gets a new module allowing visitors to search for products within a specific area. They get to choose a location and then control the radius to decide which vendors are close enough.

    If you are interested in creating a multi-vendor website with geolocation features, Dokan is the best option out there. And since it is fully integrated with WooCommerce, you won’t need to change eCommerce providers either.

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Which geolocation plugin is best?

The best plugin for your site is going to depend on your exact needs.

To limit the pages on your site or even disable your entire store based on the visitor’s location, WooCommerce Geolocation Plugin will work great.

To update the currency, you can’t go wrong with the WooCommerce All-in-One Currency Converter plugin.

Regardless of which plugin you choose, I hope you enjoyed this post and found some excellent new tools for your WooCommerce store.

Thanks for checking out this collection of the best WooCommerce geolocation plugins, and if you still have questions, leave a comment below.

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