How to Change the Text Color in WordPress Posts

Need to change the color of some text?

WordPress has a simple built-in feature for changing text color in your posts and pages.

In this post, you’ll learn how to modify the color of post text without installing any plugins.

How to change the color of any text

First, navigate to the post editor.

Once there, click on the Toolbar toggle button, and a new set of options will appear.

Toggle button for more editor options

If you’ve never seen these options before, take a moment to get acquainted. There are some cool features here including the text color button.

Text color button in the editor

To use the text color button, click on the drop-down arrow and select a color. Then highlight the text you want to change colors and press the button.

Changing the text color

The button saves the color you select which makes it easy to reuse on other text.

Using custom colors

While the font color button provides access to a decent default selection of colors, you may want to use a different color.

If you click on the drop-down arrow, you’ll see there is a “Custom…” option.

Custom color link

Clicking the custom color option reveals a color slider, and even better, an input for a hexadecimal color code.

Color slider

If you’re not familiar with color codes, they’re six digit codes used to specify exact colors. They’re perfect for maintaining a consistent palette across your site and various media.

Changing font color in WordPress

Changing the text color in your posts and pages is easily done once you know where to find the color button.

While CSS is likely a better solution for changing font color across the whole site, this is the best approach for modifying small amounts of plain text in your posts/pages.

Have any questions about this tip? Post a comment below.

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