How to Send Comment Approval Notification Emails

Don’t waste your hard work.

Getting visitors to your site is hard enough, but getting them to engage and comment is really challenging. If you’re getting traffic and receiving comments that’s awesome, so make the most of it!

In this post, you’ll learn how to notify commenters when their comment is approved, so you can get them back to the site to engage more.

How to Add Comment Approval Notifications

The first step is to install and activate the awesome Comment Approved plugin.

the Comment Approved plugin on

Once installed, you’ll find a new Comment approved menu item under Settings.

the Comment Approved menu item in WordPress dashboard

The Comment Approved settings menu has a few simple options we’ll cover in detail next.

How to Configure Comment Approved

You’ll see the following settings when you view the Comment Approved page:

the Comment Approved settings menu

Let’s go over each of the settings, one-by-one.


To start, make sure the first checkbox is checked. This will enable the emails to be sent.

If you are going to take some time to craft your message, then you can disable this until you’re ready

Default State

When you activate the plugin, a checkbox will be added after the comment form that visitors can check to receive the approval notification email. By default, it is unchecked and they must check it off.

You can check the Default state box if you want the checkbox after the comment form to be checked by default. This way visitors can opt-out of the email, rather than having to opt-in. This encourages more people to subscribe while still not sending any unsolicited messages.

Subject & Message

The last step is to write the subject line and message content.

Try to make it personal and more relevant to your site than the default message. A little personality will make the message less robotic and get more people to read it.

Tip for increasing engagement

While the default email may get some people to click-through and return to the post, there’s not a lot of value for either of you yet.

Try adding a “P.S.” to the bottom of the email and link to a subscription form for your email list, or ask them to share the post. People always read the P.S. at the end of a message, so this way you’ll get more people to subscribe or share the post that otherwise may not have.


Comment Approved is a really simple and effective plugin. It’s the easiest way to start notifying your commenters when their comments are approved.

If you want to increase engagement on your site, get more social shares, or get more email subscribers, this is a great way to meet any of those goals.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley is a WordPress theme designer & developer, and founder of Compete Themes.

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