How to Customize Your WordPress Post Edit Screen

The WordPress admin is more customizable than most people realize. Did you know that you can rearrange the boxes in the Post edit screen?

screenshot of wordpress post editor

Here’s how it’s done:

First, hide all of the boxes you don’t use at all. As discussed in this WordPress tip, you can click the “Screen Options” tab in the top-right corner and find options hide/show any of the dashboard widgets.

Then, to rearrange the remaining boxes, simply click and hold anywhere on the top section of a box and drag it into a new location. You can move any box you want except for the post editor itself. Every box can be positioned in the sidebar, or below the post editor.


Personally, I’m so used to the default layout, the only box I like to move is the Excerpt box, but you can arrange the screen however you’d like.

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