31 WordPress Development Tools

Better tools improve your life now.

15 mins saved, another headache avoided, etc.  Development tools rock.

There are loads of tools for WP developers available that can dramatically enhance the way you work.  We’ve picked out a few exceptional WordPress development tools and categorized them for you below.

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Text Editors

WP Bundle
PHP StormNoLinux, Mac, WindowsFree – $199
Sublime TextYesLinux, Mac, Windows$70
NetbeansYesLinux, Mac, WindowsFree
Coda 2YesMac$75
BracketsNoLinux, Mac, WindowsFree
Aptana Studio 3YesLinux, Mac, WindowsFree

There’s a wide variety of text editors for WordPress developers regardless of the platform you use.

Local WordPress Development Environments

MAMPMacFree to $59
XAMPPLinux, Mac, WindowsFree
DesktopServerMac, WindowsFree – $49.95

I’m a big fan of InstantWP.  It automatically sets up a portable development environment and populates the WordPress install with dummy content.  It’s very useful for theme or plugin development.

Debugging Tools

WordPress Plugin
Chrome ConsoleNo
Debug BarYes
Theme CheckYes

Every WP developer should use at least two of the above tools.  The Theme Check plugin may not be relevant to your use case, but it’s an invaluable WordPress theme development tool.

Plugin & Theme Development Tools

Developer Plugin“A plugin, which helps WordPress developers develop.
Shortcode UltimateSupercharge your WordPress theme with mega pack of shortcodes.
Theme Demo BarAllows any WordPress theme to be previewed without activating it.
Preserve Code FormattingPreserve formatting of code for display in WordPress
Responsive Select MenuAutomatically turns any WordPress 3 Menu into a select box / dropdown on mobile devices.
SynchiA full IDE inside your WordPress

The Developer Plugin is fantastic because it’s the single tool you need to configure your development environment.  The other developer tools listed just make life a bit easier.

Other WP Developer Tools

Lastly we’ve got a few other WordPress tools and a few business tools for WordPress developers as well.

GenerateWPCreates custom and high quality code for your WordPress project
Font AwesomeThe iconic font designed for Bootstrap
PressTrendsAnalytics for WordPress Users & Developers
Less & SassDynamic behavior for CSS
CodekitTHE Mac app for web developers

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  1. Thx for the Post

    Aptana and WPengine ist not running with SFTP 😉

    or am I wrong?

    Best wishes

    • Hi Thomas,

      Not sure if there is a conflict between them, but I have no problem using SFTP with WP Engine via FileZilla.

  2. Ben Sibley,
    Thank you very much. Which one server is better for windows? InstantWP or XAMPP?

    I think you will response my question.

    • I would get started with InstantWP since it’s so fast to setup. Then you can eventually switch to XAMPP in the future.

  3. Default ‘Inspect Element’ feature on firefox is not very easy – however it does have lot more interesting features – especially 3D view to inspect ‘z-index’ levels & then testing mobile responsive widths.

  4. Great resource! I’ll surely bookmark this. Thank you for the tools! I’m going to try your suggestions right away!

  5. Per Mattsson Per Mattsson

    I would recommend BBEdit for anyone running MacOS.
    It’s the bigger and more competent sister of TestWrangler.

  6. Gerard Gerard

    I just started with Local from Flywheel.
    It’s realty easy to setup a wordpress develop environment with a url like my-wp.dev on your local machine.

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