The 8 Best WordPress Document Library Plugins

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Here’s a tip.

The WordPress Media Library can already be used for documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.

However, there aren’t any categories making it a poor choice for anyone with more than a few documents to organize.

That’s where these plugins come in.

The plugins highlighted in this collection have all the features you need to create a full-blown document library with WordPress.

Keep reading to find the top picks.

Document library plugins

The best plugins are listed below. You’ll discover a mix of both free and premium solutions for handling documents with WordPress.

Here are the top picks for best document library WordPress plugins.

  • 1. Document Library Pro

    WordPress Document Library Plugin Barn2

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    Plugin Description

    Document Library Pro is a hugely popular WordPress document library plugin that makes it easy to add documents and display them in searchable tables on your website.

    It provides 4 quick ways to add and import documents, storing them in a dedicated ‘Documents’ area of the WordPress admin for easy management. However, the most important thing about this document library plugin is how it displays them in the front end. You can list documents in an unlimited number of tables, complete with a search box, filter dropdowns, and sort options to help users find documents more quickly. You can choose which information to display about each document, such as the title, description, file size, file type, and modified date. The document library plugin also comes with a folder layout, where documents are structured into collapsible folders based on their category.

    Document Library Pro supports all file types and documents hosted on external websites such as Dropbox of Office 365. You can display the download links as either a button, text link, or file type icon. It’s also possible to embed documents and other resources directly into the document library – for example, embedded audio or video files, and embeds from other plugins such as Embed Any Document Plus.

    Barn2 has provided an in-depth tutorial about how to create a WordPress document library with Document Library Pro.

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  • 2. Fivo Docs

    Fivo Docs

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    Plugin Description

    The WordPress Media Library handles images well, but let’s be honest, it’s pretty simple. Fivo Docs transforms the Media Library into a complete document library solution.

    With Fivo Docs, you can create custom categories within the Media Library. Separate press releases and financial reports from images and video with ease. All kinds of documents can be stored including word documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, and video files.

    Fivo Docs upgrades the Media Library interface effectively, but it helps you display your documents too. You can embed individual documents in any post or page or list documents from an entire category. The embeds are even SEO-friendly to help get them indexed and attract more search engine visitors.

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  • 3. FileBird Document Library

    FileBird Document Library

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    Plugin Description

    FileBird Document Library makes use of the FileBird plugin to publish organized files into a WordPress document gallery in the front end.

    Firstly, FileBird is a WordPress plugin designed to help WordPress users manage their media files more efficiently. With FileBird, users can:

    • Organize files and custom post types into customizable folders
    • Drag and drop files to quickly move them between folders
    • Create unlimited folders and subfolders
    • Easily find files with a search bar and filter options
    • Improve website speed by removing the number of outdated media files stored in a single directory
    • Sort files by file size to reduce those files with the most weight

    Secondly, by using the FileBird Document Library plugin, WordPress users can easily choose a folder to display its documents on any page or post. This document library comes with these features:

    • 2 layouts: responsive table and grid
    • Limit document items per page
    • Search for document titles
    • Sort by file name, file size, and modified date on the front-end library
    • Customize columns, font size, icons, attachment links, and so much more!

    Document library screenshot

    Last but not least, it supports all file types as long as your WordPress media library can host. And by generating a document library shortcode, you can use it on any page builders like Elementor, DIVI, and so on.

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  • CatFolders Document Gallery

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    Plugin Description

    As a sidekick of CatFolders, this Document Gallery plugin allows you to organize documents and files into folders by topic. Then, it becomes easier for you to publish them to any WordPress page/post.

    With this searchable and sortable document library, your readers can quickly find the documents they are interested in. The gallery is mobile-responsive and adopts a future-proof user interface, which in turn helps users navigate between collections, pages, and documents without reloading the page.

    Overall, this is a must-have plugin for any WordPress webmaster who has a large or complex document library. It supports multiple folders and allows you to add numerous campaign links.


    • File type thumbnails: PDF, DOC, CSV, Excel, audio, video, etc.
    • Click operations: Download, preview file, open in pop-up, or none.
    • Show/Hide columns: Title, file type, file size, modified date, and CTA button.
    • Show/Hide layout elements: Search bar, layout switcher, navigation row, or even show them at top and bottom.
    • Display layouts: List & grid view.
    • Flexible pagination and customizable number of items per page.
    • NEW: Sort by file size.

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  • 5. Embed Any Document Plus

    Embed Any Document Plus

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    Plugin Description

    Rather than keeping your documents in WordPress, you may prefer to use a cloud service for your document library, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or If so, you can use this plugin to embed any of your documents publicly on your site.

    Embed Any Document Plus is the most popular WordPress plugin for displaying documents in posts and pages. It works similarly to Scribd and SlideShare in that it will add a fully interactive preview of the document with the embed. The clean interface provided makes it simple to embed any of your documents, and visitors don’t need any other tech to view them.

    Embed Any Document Plus supports a huge variety of document and image formats including docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pdf, txt, ai, and svg.

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  • 6. SP Project & Document Manager

    SP Project Document Manager

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    Plugin Description

    SP Project & Document Manager is a fantastic plugin for adding document management to WordPress. Here’s why.

    First off, you can create an unlimited number of folders and subfolders to keep your content organized. SP Project & Document Manager works with all manner of files from basic documents and spreadsheets to images and video.

    You can allow access to files based on the account type too which lets you share documents with clients, for instance. In fact, clients can even edit and modify projects directly on your site. And it all works with multisite in case you want to share this functionality with your userbase.

    SP Project & Document Manager is a great plugin for document libraries due to its focus on the most essential features for managing files.

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  • 7. Memphis Documents Library

    Memphis Documents Library

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    Plugin Description

    If you truly want a comprehensive document library on your WP site then Memphis Documents Library is the plugin for you.

    This document plugin lets you upload and manage your media files with a custom interface added to the WordPress admin. Each document includes a thumbnail and full preview on its admin page. You can track downloads for each one as well which makes it a good tool for reviewing engagement.

    Another cool feature is the built-in version control for tracking changes to individual docs. You can also export the entire library when needed so your files are always safely backed up. Likewise, documents are just as easy to import with Memphis Documents Library.

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  • 8. WP Docs

    WP Docs plugin

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    Plugin Description

    WP Docs is a document management plugin with an emphasis on academic and education portals.

    Create as many directories as you want to organize your docs. Upload new files instantly and they’ll be stored in the new content library added by WP Docs. Each file has a full document preview and a thumbnail for easy browsing.

    WP Docs includes download tracking which can be useful to make sure students are able to access the files. You can add and remove files or directories whenever you want. The number of documents stored is limited only by your web host.

    WP Docs does have a premium version available which unlocks new features like batch uploading, version control, and social media sharing buttons.

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Which document library plugin is best?

Fivo Docs has a gorgeous design and all the hierarchy features you need to stay organized.

Embed Any Document Plus is the best plugin for embedding documents from cloud services like Google Drive. This way, you can keep all of your docs hosted on the external site without taking up any of your site’s limited storage space.

If you have a question, please feel free to post in the comments section below about these WordPress document library plugins.

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