11 WordPress Experts You Should Follow

The internet is a big place!  Keeping up with the latest news and technology can be tough in any industry.

If you really want to keep up with WordPress news, learn the ins-and-outs of the CMS, and become a great professional WordPress developer, you need guidance from the right people.

Whether you’re new to the WordPress community or a veteran, these are 11 top WordPress experts you should follow.

1. Chris Lema

Chris Lema’s blog is a medley of business insights and WordPress tips, and is a great read for any WordPress entrepreneur.  Chris recently published a post on how he got his weekly talk show WPwatercooler to hit 2.5 million views.

Visit Chris’ Blog

2. Brian Krogsgard

As a blogger and founder of Post Status, Brian has his fingers placed firmly on the pulse of the WP community.  Brian was recently interviewed by Code Poet where he shared some of his insights on doing business in the WordPress market.

Visit Brian’s Blog

3. Pippin Williamson

Pippin has developed & published over 30+ plugins including very popular Easy Digital Downloads.  In between developing, he  shares WordPress development tutorials on his blog.

Visit Pippin’s Blog

4. Justin Tadlock

Justin has covered everything WordPress development related on his blog.  As a co-author of “Professional WordPress Plugin Development” and a blogger for over 10 years, Justin is a great source of advice and guidance for WP developers.

Visit his Blog

5. Joost de Valk

Joost covers a wide range of topics at Yoast including SEO, plugin development, and online marketing.  He is also the developer behind two the most downloaded plugins of all time: WordPress SEO & Google Analytics for WordPress.

Visit his blog

6. Tom Mcfarlin

Tom, an avid blogger, posts daily on his blog and writes regularly for Envato as well at WP Tuts.  He’s also a partner at 8bit and is currently rebranding his own company, Pressware.

Visit his blog

7. Brad Williams

Brad, an author of multiple WordPress development books, has been blogging about development for years.  He also co-hosts Dradcast, a weekly WordPress focused podcast.

Visit his blog

8. Matt Medeiros

Matt interviews entrepreneurs behind popular startups in the WordPress space in his weekly podcast, Matt Report.  He’s interviewed some of the experts in this list and has pulled some big names like Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger Media.

Visit his Blog

9. Carrie Dils

Carrie’s blog, a mixture of WordPress, business, and freelancing tips, is a great regular read for anyone trying to make it as a freelancer or looking to brush up on their coding finesse.  Carrie recently shared a post covering a new feature in the upcoming Genesis Framework 2.0 release.

Visit her Blog

10. Brad Dalton

Brad is a frequent blogger whose code-centric posts often share snippets and WordPress customizations along with the how-to for implementing them.  His blog is a great place to find new tips to customize your site, or practice modifying your site while learning some best practices.

Visit his Blog

11. Christopher Ross

Reading Chris’ blog will make you a savvier WordPress developer, designer and online marketer.  He covers a wide range of topics, and recently wrote a post about building your reputation online.

Visit his Blog

That’s it for the list of online WordPress experts.  Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter and check out their blogs.

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