Top 6 Best WordPress Instagram Plugins for 2023

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Instagram is more valuable for brands than ever.

If you’ve got both a WP site and an Instagram profile, it’s essential that you find ways to get visitors to follow both.

One way to promote your Instagram channel is to display a feed of your latest posts on your website.

Not only will adding your Instagram feed to your site get you more followers, it also shows your site visitors that your brand is active and growing a following.

When it comes to embedding an Instagram feed on a WordPress site, the best option is to use a plugin. And you’re in luck!

There are tons of great Instagram plugins to choose from. In the collection sorted below, I’ve selected the six plugins that work best for most WP users.

Instagram WordPress plugins

Only highly-rated and well-designed plugins have been included. You’ll find both free and premium options listed.

With these plugins, you can easily embed your personal Instagram feed, but some of them get way more advanced than that. You can also import content from multiple profiles to create a custom news feed sourced from the social network.

I’m sure you’ll find more than a few ways to use these plugins, but let’s get to the list already.

Here are my top picks for the best WordPress Instagram plugins.

  • 1. Instagram Feed

    Instagram Feed

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    Plugin Description

    Instagram Feed is a fantastic and highly-rated plugin for adding Instagram content to WordPress. It currently has over 400+ reviews and an average 4.84/5.00 rating.

    When embedding Instagram content on your site, you can display a gorgeous gallery and include either a “load more” button below or arrows on the sides of the gallery to enable slider functionality. There are also two different styles to choose for each Instagram post that you embed. Furthermore, you can include the posts in a popup that looks precisely like Instagram and has infinite scroll enabled.

    Instagram Feed is also extremely customizable. You can set filters for which kinds of images you want to embed with the widget, decide exactly what size the embeds should be, customize the colors and more. This Instagram plugin gets my top recommendation because I honestly don’t see how it could be improved!

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  • 2. Instagram Journal

    Instagram Journal

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    Plugin Description

    Instagram Journal is an excellent choice for WordPress users who want a lot of control over the display of their Instagram gallery on their site.

    With Instagram Journal, you can customize the colors (if any), set the sizes of the images, and control the gutter space between each image. There are over 100+ customization options available in total.

    You don’t have to stick to simple user feed imports with Instagram Journal. You can create galleries on your site that import photos from multiple Instagram accounts, use specific locations, or even select only posts liked by a particular Instagram user.

    This premium Instagram plugin includes a few more flexible options not covered here. Use the link below to see what else it can do.

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  • 3. Instagram Feed

    Instagram Feed free plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Instagram Feed by Smash Balloon is the most popular free Instagram plugin. It has an astounding 2,100 5-star reviews!

    One of this plugin’s strengths is how fast it is to set up. It only takes a minute to begin displaying Instagram posts from any user or even multiple users. There’s also no limit to how many separate feeds you can create and output on any page of your site.

    There’s both a widget and shortcode available in Instagram Feed. Having two ways to output the Instagram posts makes it incredibly easy to integrate with your site. Some other cool features included are the “follow” button, infinite loading, and custom background color.

    Instagram Feed also has a premium upgrade with a lot more options.

    Overall, Instagram Feed is a very customizable and easy plugin to use for displaying Instagram posts.

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  • Instagram Gallery

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    Plugin Description

    Instagram Gallery is another free option for displaying Instagram posts on your site. It has a modern style and a nice assortment of customization options included.

    You can choose to import the posts from a user’s feed or a hashtag. In addition, you can display the posts as a gallery or a carousel. The carousel is like a single gallery row with arrow navigation on the sides visitors can click to make their way through the images.

    Output the gallery anywhere on your site thanks to the shortcode and widget options included. You can even create multiple galleries and add as many as you want to any page on your site.

    Instagram Gallery has a live demo prepared that you can check out. Click the link below to see the plugin info page and access the demo.

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  • 5. Instagram Theatre

    Instagram Theatre

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    Plugin Description

    Instagram Theatre has some exciting options that might make it the best choice for your site. In particular, this plugin stands out because it has fullscreen options that turn your website into a large slider for your Instagram content.

    This plugin is probably best used for a site that mainly features Instagram content. The fullscreen galleries are its strength, and it won’t work as well for a simple widget displayed in a blog sidebar.

    Instagram Theatre is fully responsive, so it will look awesome on mobile devices and laptops. The galleries also have animations and effects you can choose from. You can select how quickly to transition between images and switch between the various layouts effortlessly.

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  • 6. WP Instagram Post And Widget

    WP Instagram Post Widget

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    Plugin Description

    This plugin comes with a widget for displaying your Instagram feed, but it’s got another feature that makes it different from the other plugins found here.

    WP Instagram Post And Widget can be used to add your WordPress posts to Instagram automatically. You can have it auto-post every time you publish a new post. Also, it has an integration with WooCommerce which also lets you auto-post new products as you add them to your store. The Featured Image and descriptions are pulled from the products for each post.

    There is a pro upgrade which adds a ton more functionality. One of these new features is the ability to bulk post to Instagram which could be a great way to jumpstart a new Instagram account.

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Which Instagram plugin is best for you?

Obviously, I recommend the Instagram feed plugin first and foremost. It’s insanely customizable – I can’t imagine what else you would need to add Instagram posts to WordPress.

That said, the other five plugins have been included here for a reason. They all bring their own strengths and weaknesses to the table.

If you have a question about any of these Instagram WordPress plugins, just post in the comments section below.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
This article was written by Ben Sibley. He is a WordPress theme designer & developer, and founder of Compete Themes.