WordPress Plugin Banner Image Template

You need a banner image for your WordPress plugin if you want to look professional.  The trouble is, it’s hard to get it just right the first time through.  The name runs into a graphic, you put text too close to the gradient, etc.

That’s why I made this plugin header image template that you can use not only to create your banner image, but also to see what it will look like when live:

plugin banner image

You can download the PSD file here.  You’ll need Helvetica Neue which you can download here (make sure to install ‘bold’).

The image is already the proper banner image size at 772px x 250px.  You can replace “Your Plugin’s Name” to see exactly how your plugin will look.

When it’s time to save your banner for use on the repository, just hide the added elements in the PSD and save for web.  Finally, as the WordPress codex instructs:

“Inside that assets/ directory, you can make a file named “banner-772×250.png” or “banner-772×250.jpg”. The image must be exactly 772 pixels wide and 250 pixels tall. No GIFs.”

Then you’ll have your beautiful image with the proper dimenstions live on the repository.

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