17 Best WordPress Portfolio Themes for 2017

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Launching a WordPress site to showcase your work?

Below are 17 of the best WordPress themes for creating an online portfolio. These themes all have multiple layouts and designs, and I’ve tried to showcase the best of them below.

Before you browse the themes, here’s a quick list you can skim:

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WordPress Portfolio Themes

Each of the themes below has many layouts available, so if you see an aesthetic you like, make sure to check out the demo for more.


The Gem WordPress theme

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TheGem is a gorgeous, high-performance WordPress theme. While it’s perfectly suited for portfolios, it can be used for many other types of sites too, such as online shops, blogs, and digital agencies.


Fevr portfolio theme

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Fevr is a theme you can use for any number of creative projects. Like TheGem, it has many different layouts making it great for tons of sites.

The clean and spacious “metro” layout is worth considering for your portfolio.


Heli WordPress portfolio theme

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The gallery portfolio in Heli is quite stunning. This classy display would be great for art, fashion, or even Etsy shops.


Grafik theme

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Grafik is a sharp and modern portfolio theme. It’s tailored towards architecture and design but could work well for many types of portfolio sites.

The filterable gallery is also a great way to let visitors browse a lot of your work easily.


Stag portfolio WordPress theme

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Stag is a modern and minimalist portfolio theme. It has a filterable gallery layout for portfolios and over a dozen variations to choose from.


Werkstatt theme

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Werkstatt is an expressive and beautiful portfolio theme. Unlike some of the multi-purpose themes, Werkstatt focuses entirely on portfolios providing different designs to serve various types of portfolios.



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FilmMaker is a WordPress theme that specializes in video portfolios.

With light and dark backgrounds, video thumbnails, and expansive images, it’s a great design for any site looking to showcase video or images.

Clean Photo

Clean Photo portfolio theme

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While great for showcasing photos, Clean Photo is well-suited for any type of portfolio site. You’ll find it easy to display your work with this clean and responsive portfolio theme.


QOON WordPress portfolio theme

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QOON has a handful of layouts, but you can see the personal portfolio design above. It makes great use of slab-serif font, Josefin Slab, and includes a filterable gallery.



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Ratio has a multitude of designs, but this tile gallery, in particular, is quite striking.

While the theme is pitched for architects and engineers, it would be appropriate for any high-end portfolio.


Overlap WordPress theme

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Overlap has some really unique and interesting layouts for its portfolios. Like many of the themes, the galleries are filterable which means they update instantly as visitors browse through your collection of work.



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The four column grid in Mentas is clean and beautiful. Its minimalist aesthetic would work well for a wide variety of portfolio websites.


Dazzle WordPress theme

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Dazzle is a beautiful theme, and I really like the layout featured above. It’s unique and very elegant, a great fit for photography sites.


Essu WordPress theme

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Modern typography and careful use of white space make Essu a very attractive theme. The absence of gutters between the portfolio items in the gallery creates a clean and minimalist look on the portfolio pages.


Assemble portfolio theme

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Assemble is a contemporary portfolio theme. Once again, there are many layouts available, but I thought this two-column design was especially interesting. The title overlay when hovering over a portfolio item is unique and modern.


Core WordPress theme

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Core is a really unique photography portfolio theme.

It features a simple, yet beautiful reflective image slider. This theme is better suited to photographs than other types of portfolios because clicking an image reveals a lightbox, rather than an entire page about the portfolio item.


Fluxus WordPress portfolio theme

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Lastly, we have Fluxus.

I like this theme because it gets straight to the gallery. With a small menu and no large titles or taglines, you can show off a lot more of your work from the moment the site loads.

WordPress themes for portfolios

And there you have it. My picks for the best portfolio themes for 2017.

While I’ve tried to capture the best of each theme above, they all have so much more to show. Some of these themes can be used for any kind of site you can imagine.

If you have any questions about making your own portfolio site or about one of the themes featured above, please post a comment below.

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