5 Creative WordPress Post Format Examples

Post formats are an optional way for theme developers to customize the presentation of posts based on their content. For instance, a “status” post may not display the title and enlarge the font size since the post will only be 1-2 sentences long.

As a theme designer, it can be tough coming up with new ways to design post formats that aren’t too constricting or boring. Let’s be honest, just slapping a video icon on a video post is pretty lame.

Here are 5 different themes with creative and smart implementations of WordPress post formats.

 1. Filok

Filok makes use of the same space above the title and post excerpts for images, videos, and audio clips:


The gallery above takes the same space as a normal image, but you can see by the buttons below the image that it has built-in slider functionality.

 2. Leef

Leaf also utilizes the same space that Filok does, but the audio posts in particular look very nice. The audio player is set over the post image like it is resting on top of the content:


 3. Behemoth

Behemoth has a very attractive display for quotes. It differentiates the ‘quotee’ with size and color which works well even without right-aligning it or adding the idiomatic hyphen before it:


Behemoth also links to the posts by linking to the comments instead. Linking to a quote post is redundant because there’s not any new content there, but you wouldn’t want to NOT have a link either. By linking to the comments Behemoth smartly overcomes this conundrum.

4. Bloggy

Bloggy is a minimalist theme, but it’s aside posts introduces a splash of color to the display:


Cleverly placing them on a yellow paper background also captures the spirit of the aside post quite nicely.

5. Basic

Basic is about as minimalist as it gets and you can tell from the image below. The theme sports full-width images which look great, but I picked out the link post in particular for the following reason: most link post designs don’t work well with additional text. Basic handles two paragraphs well and would looks nice without them too.


Designing post formats that differentiate from normal posts, yet can still handle a variety of inputs like this takes some creativity.

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