5 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins for 2017

Want to quiz your visitors?

Whether you’d like to regularly test members of your site or just post a fun social quiz for visitors, the best solution is a quiz plugin. Luckily, dozens such plugins are available.

WordPress Quiz Plugins

After looking through the most popular quiz plugins, these are the five best WordPress quiz plugins available.

These plugins, one paid and four free, make creating visually-appealing quizzes for your WordPress website a very easy task.

  • #1 Quiz and Survey Master

    Quiz and Survey Master

    Free | Get this plugin | Premium upgrade

    What makes Quiz and Survey Master so popular is its customizability. There are dozens of options to choose from that allow you to make your quizzes unique.

    You can create single choice, multiple choice, true and false, open answer, fill in the blank, and other question types with this quiz builder.

    While some of the admin menus are a bit confusing, it’s still one of the easiest quiz plugins to use.

    Top Features

    • Wide variety of quiz types
    • Tons of customization settings
    • Leaderboards
    • Social media sharing
    • Email automation
  • #2 WordPress Viral Quiz

    WordPress Viral Quiz plugin

    $25 | Get this plugin

    Remember those silly quizzes in magazines like “What kind of dog are you?” Well, Buzzfeed publishes similar quizzes like this one all the time, and that’s exactly what WordPress Viral Quiz recreates.

    You can use this plugin to create personality quizzes and trivia quizzes. The quizzes look great, they’re fun to fill out, and of course, they’re easy to share.

    Top Features

    • Ask for email to view results
    • Require a share to view results
    • Fully responsive
    • Two themes
    • Integrates with MailChimp, Aweber, and ActiveCampaign
  • #3 WP-Pro-Quiz

    WP-Pro-Quiz plugin

    Free | Get this plugin | No upgrade

    Wp-Pro-Quiz is one of the most popular WordPress quiz plugins of all time with over 20,000 active installs. On top of that, it holds an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

    What makes WP-Pro-Quiz so popular is the vast number of options available. Features include quiz time limits, custom scoring, single choice questions, multiple choice questions, question hints, and more.

    WP-Pro-Quiz also includes some advanced features, such as adding images and video, that help make quizzes look great and fit the design of your website.

    Top Features

    • Intuitive quiz-builder interface
    • Numerous options for quiz type
    • HTML and multimedia compatible quizzes
    • Supports multiple languages
    • Ability to import/export data
  • #4 mTouch Quiz

    mTouch Quiz plugin

    Free | Get this plugin | Free | Premium upgrade

    This WordPress plugin was built from scratch with learning and mobile use in mind. Responsive design ensures your quizzes look great on all devices.

    The highlight of mTouch Quiz is its simplicity. It doesn’t offer many extra features or much in the way of customizability, but its bare-bones design is what makes it so efficient and easy to use.

    One limitation with mTouch Quiz is it can only be used to create multiple choice quizzes. It does not include the variety of question types you can find in other plugins but works great for quizzes that only require multiple choice.

    Top Features

    • Simple quiz creation
    • Touchscreen friendly
    • Flexible scoring options
    • Give hints and explanations for solutions
  • #5 Watu

    Watu WordPress plugin

    Free | Get this plugin | Premium upgrade

    Watu is very similar to the mTouch Quiz plugin. Its interface is a bit easier to use, and it supports additional question types such as open-ended essays.

    One of the best features enables you to assign points to different answers. The plugin then automatically scores your quiz after a visitor takes it.

    Watu is also notable for its mobile responsiveness and social sharing ability.

    Top Features

    • Simple form-building interface
    • Mobile-friendly
    • Built-in social sharing
    • Essay questions

Which Quiz Plugin is Right for You?

A quiz is an effective way to increase user engagement and learn something about your audience at the same time.

While there are some great solutions above, Quiz and Survey Master is likely the best choice for most sites. If you’re looking for a lighter and more social type of quiz, you can’t beat WordPress Viral Quiz.

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    I use Thrive quiz builder. It’s just great. You can add it to the list. Btw great list for sure… 🙂

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