How to Hide Any WordPress Post or Page Title

Want to hide the title on one of your pages?

This is a pretty common customization for a homepage where you may be using a plugin like Elementor to display the page’s contents.

I get asked how to do this with our themes all the time, so here’s a quick approach for both our theme users and anyone else using WordPress.

How to hide a page title

UPDATE: the plugin below can cause your page title to flicker. Watch this video tutorial for a better method and plugin:

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Often times, an element on your site can be hidden with CSS. However, it’s impossible to provide this CSS for everyone here because the code will be different depending on what theme you’re using as well as which page on your site you want to remove the title from.

Instead, the best solution is to use the Hide Page and Post Title plugin.

Hide Page and Post Title plugin

Before we move on, let’s address the one-star reviews.

This plugin initially worked for some sites but not all, and it quickly received three one-star reviews for it. The developers updated this plugin to work with more themes and it has only received five-star reviews since then.

Hide a page title

To hide a title on a page, start by navigating to that page in your dashboard. With Hide Page and Post Title activated on your site, you’ll see this new checkbox added to the editor.

Hide Title Setting
This is with the Gutenberg editor, but it works with the classic editor too.

Simply check the box and save the page, and the title will be removed. You can repeat this step with any other pages or posts you want to remove the title from.

This plugin works with most themes including all 18 of our free WordPress themes.


Hiding posts and page titles is possible with code, but for the non-programmer, the Hide Page and Post Title plugin works great.

With the checkbox added to the editor, you can easily hide or unhide titles whenever you want for any particular post or page.

If you have any unanswered questions, please post in the comments section below.

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