How to Hide Any WordPress Post or Page Title

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Want to hide the title on one of your pages?

This is a pretty common customization for a homepage where you may be using a plugin like Elementor to display the page’s contents.

I get asked how to do this with our themes all the time, so here’s a quick approach for both our theme users and anyone else using WordPress.

How to hide a page title

UPDATE: I found issues with all of the existing plugins, so I made my own. Follow this video tutorial to learn how to use it.

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Download the free plugin

Hide any post or page title with the free Remove Page Title plugin.

Remove Page Title is the most user-friendly and SEO-friendly plugin for getting rid of your titles. Here’s why…

There are three other plugins available to hide page titles. Two of them hide titles with Javascript. This causes the titles to flicker when the page loads which makes your site look janky and buggy.

The other plugin completely removes the title with PHP which avoids the flickering. However, this leaves you with an empty h1 tag which is bad for SEO.

How this plugin is different

The Remove Page Title plugin uses PHP to hide the title so there is no ugly flickering on your site, but it doesn’t remove the title text from the source code. This means that search engines can still find and read your h1 tag even though visitors won’t see it.

Even better, the Remove Page Title plugin hides the title in an accessible way so screen readers can still find and read it. This is important for any of your visitors with vision impairments.

Click the button below to download a copy of the free Remove Page Title plugin:

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Keep learning

With the simple plugin shared in this article, you can quickly hide a title on any page of your site. Just follow the steps in the video above to learn how to use it.

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Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
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