Top 5 Best WordPress Sports Plugins for 2023

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Want to manage a sports league on your site?

Publish live match scores?

Promote upcoming games with an event calendar?

You can do all of these things and more with the sports plugins listed in this collection.

In this post, you’ll find a mixture of free and premium plugins that can assist with all sorts of functionality. There’s a variety of functionality included, so make sure to see what each plugin can do for your website.

Keep reading to see the first plugin.

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WordPress sports plugins

Only plugins with excellent user ratings have been featured here. You also won’t find a ton of overlap between features, so expect each plugin to bring unique value to your site. You might want to pick up a few of these!

Here are my top picks for the best WordPress sports plugins.

  • 1. League Table

    League Table

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    Plugin Description

    Do you have a sports league website? Then you probably need to display rankings and final scores from matches on your site. The League Table plugin is unparalleled when it comes to displaying match data on WordPress sites.

    You might keep your league data in a spreadsheet. League Table lets you import data from any spreadsheet software and automatically formats it. The table itself is massively customizable with a grand total of 105 different customizable settings. Columns are auto-generated based on the spreadsheet import, but they can be sorted within League Table’s interface. With the extreme customizability provided by this plugin, you can adapt it to a golf website, soccer tournament, or even an online eSports league.

    It’s imperative that your site works well on mobile devices. The first step is to choose a responsive WordPress theme. Next, you need a responsive solution for your league rankings. Tables are notoriously hard to make mobile-friendly, but the League Table plugin handles small screens wonderfully.

    In case you’re not sure this is a high-quality plugin, check out some of the customer reviews on CodeCanyon. League Table has a 4.77/5.00 rating from more than 90+ customer ratings and nearly 2,000 sales at this time. Furthermore, it was first released in 2014, so it’s been under active development for over five years. As a mature product, you can expect it to work reliably for your website.

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  • 2. Football Formation

    Football Formation

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    Plugin Description

    Football Formation is a simple niche sports plugin. It lets you embed a colorful graphic of the player formations on the field. You can click the button above if you want to visit the demo and see an example.

    This sports plugin adds a new meta box to the post editor. You can use the meta box to fill out the names of the players for each team. Then a simple shortcode is used to output the graphic on the page. If you haven’t used shortcodes before, read this tutorial first.

    Football Formations includes a decent variety of customization tools. You can select from 10 different color schemes, set the margins around the formations, and select from 20 different possible formations. Use it alongside a sports gambling feature to ramp up the excitement of the game.

    If you have a sports website about Football (Soccer in America), the premium graphics added by this plugin can give your site a much more professional look. With the low one-time price tag, it’s well worth it to pick up a copy for your website.

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  • 3. Soccer Live Scores

    Soccer Live Scores

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    Plugin Description

    Soccer Live Scores is a must-have for popular soccer league websites. With this plugin, you can embed a live scoreboard on any post or page of your site.

    You’re probably wondering how the real-time updates work, so let me explain. In the admin of the website, you’ll get meta boxes where you can customize the parameters of the match. You can update the score easily by setting a new entry. The front-end of the site will automatically update when you make a change like this. In addition, you can add new events like goals, yellow cards, substitutions, and more. Each event shows up in the live feed inside the scorecard embed.

    If you want more traffic to your website, having live updates from matches is an excellent way to get more fans onto your site. Plus, when the game concludes, the live scorecard gets repurposed as the score for the end of the game complete with all the significant events that took place during it.

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  • 4. SportsPress


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    Plugin Description

    SportsPress is the most popular and highest-rated free sports WordPress plugin. It’s designed specifically to manage sports clubs and leagues.

    SportsPress plugin includes a huge amount of features. You can create leagues complete with teams and player profiles. As you enter scores and other data from games, the rankings table automatically updates and sorts the teams. Both teams and players can have their own statistics entered as well.

    Another feature that sets SportsPress apart is the event calendar. If you want to promote a league, then promoting upcoming games should be a major aspect of the site! This free plugin makes it simple to manage and display a calendar of all the upcoming games on your site.

    The SportsPress developers have done “freemium” right. You’ll find that the free version is extremely robust and well-designed. The features added in the pro version are more advanced and most users are happy to pay after the amazing experience they have with the free version. There’s honestly a lot more that wasn’t covered here, so click the link below if you want to find out what else SportsPress is capable of.

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  • 5. Team Rosters

    Team Rosters

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    Plugin Description

    If you want a simple and free solution for managing player and team info, try the Team Rosters plugin. It’s got some great user reviews and is still kept up-to-date by the developers.

    Team Rosters isn’t a complete sports league management plugin. Instead, it’s used to list teams and their players much as you might find on a college athletic website. Team Rosters lets you enter data in the back-end of the site and automatically generates tables for you to display on your site. Tables are added to posts and pages via shortcodes. This simple system makes it easy to embed player info anywhere.

    The one gripe I have with this plugin is that the aesthetics aren’t too pleasing. If you know how to write CSS or have a web developer on your team who can then it won’t be hard to adjust the styles to look nicer, otherwise, this could be more of a barrier for using Team Rosters on your WordPress site.

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Which sports plugin is best?

If you want to rally a community around a sports league, a rankings table is the most important feature you need. League Table is the best option for creating beautiful and customizable team ranking tables.

While the other plugins included here all have their own unique value, I also want to highlight SportsPress as an excellent plugin. It is completely free and includes everything you need to manage a sports club with WordPress.

You might have some unanswered questions about these WordPress sports plugins. If so, please leave a comment below.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
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