Should You Use Wysija for Email Marketing?

Wysija is an email newsletter plugin for WordPress.  It’s designed to make collecting emails addresses and delivering automated or scheduled emails easy to do, straight from your WordPress dashboard.

Some people argue that WordPress wasn’t designed to handle this sort of functionality – it’s a publishing tool not email marketing software.  But did the team at Wysija manage to pull it off in a way that is easier, and more effective for WordPress users?

The good:


First off, Wysija is extremely affordable and is entirely free to use for up to 2,000 subscribers.  Prices then start at 75€ a year ($99/year) which is less than $10/month to unlock unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers.

You only pay more with Wysija if you want to install it on more sites.  To put that in perspective, if you have 3,000 subscribers and wanted to send unlimited emails, here’s what you would pay with other services:

  • MailChimp: $50/month
  • Aweber: $49/month
  • GetResponse: $45/month
  • Campaign Monitor: $99/month

Wysija: $8.25/month if you have 1 website to $33 per month from unlimited sites.  It’s indisputably cheaper.

Easy to Use

Installing plugins is something every WordPress knows how to do.  Getting started with Wysija hardly takes any setup and takes place in the familiarity of the WordPress dashboard.

The newsletter plugin allows you to create automated emails, for instance every you add a new post, or to send manual email newsletters.  Also, the drag-and-drop system is expansive and couldn’t be easier to use.


Even though it may seem like a contrived use of WordPress, the plugin integrates well with the CMS.  It’s easy enough to export and import your subscribers to and from other email services, add a signup form to your site, and create newsletters from within your site.

The bad:

Not a Full-fledged Autoresponder

One thing you cannot do with Wysija is to create a series of scheduled emails.  There are only certain activities that can prompt an automated email, like publishing a new post.  While some people may not care about this feature, others who do serious email marketing will find it sorely lacking

Takes Some Technical Knowledge

Wait, after the drag-and-drop editor, you need technical knowledge?  Well, just a little bit – mostly for integrating the signup form.

By default, the signup form you get is extremely plain and only simple to include as a widget.  With a little guidance, any WordPress user can figure out where to copy and paste the code to add the form after the post and learn the CSS needed to style it.  That being said, technical barriers like that can be intimidating to bloggers and a disappointing surprise.

No Central Dashboard

If you are using multiple sites, using Wysija could quickly turn into a bit of a headache.  It works very well on one site, but managing multiple newsletters from multiple sites could very soon become an overwhelming and tedious process.

The Verdict:

Wysija Newsletters has it’s limitations, but it has the right limitations.  If you run one website and you want to:

  • build a list of email subscribers
  • send beautiful newsletters
  • and automatically send new post updates

Wysija is absolutely perfect for you.  It can still be a good solution beyond this scope, but for bloggers and single site owners especially, Wysija is excellent.

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  1. Thanks for this; you’ve convinced me to take the leap. I’d been sending emails with Mad Mimi, which I do like, but I like that Wysija has interesting themes (many of them free) and is right there in WP for me… I’ve had it installed for a month now, but haven’t used it yet. Here goes!

    • That’s great Danielle, I think you’ll be happy you’ve taken the leap 🙂

  2. WYSIJA does have an auto-responder. You are able to send things right after people subscribe, certain amounts of time after people subscribe, and just schedule emails in general. I’ve only had WYSIJA, but I don’t think there is much it can’t do in this regard.

    • Oh I hadn’t realized you could schedule emails beyond an initial auto-response on sign up. Thanks for commenting Hannah!

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I didn’t know about it. I’ll give it a try.

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