How to Turn Cele into a Mobile App

You can do that?


You can convert any WordPress site into an app that syncs with your site. That means your content gets updated on the app automatically as you publish on your site.

Why have a responsive site AND an app?

Many readers prefer apps and hardly ever use a computer.

Strange, but true.

With an app published on the Apple App Store, you can maximize the audience you reach. Not to mention, they’ll get convenient push notifications when you publish new content.

The problem is, making an app, let alone publishing it on the App Store, is an ordeal. I’ve published a few games for fun and getting a developer account just to allow me to submit apps took weeks (and $99). That’s where PressPad News can help.

How to create a mobile app

PressPad got their start in 2011 by helping magazines and print publishers create a digital presence. As people put down the paper and picked up their iPads, they published apps to meet the demand. Now after “earning their stripes” in the magazine industry, they’re bringing their talents to WordPress.

Thanks to WordPress, your content is already highly structured in WP’s database. PPN’s tools know exactly where to find it, so they can convert your site into a synced app way faster (and cheaper) than any regular (or extraordinary) developer can. In fact, the process is incredibly swift. Here’s how it works:

1. Name the app

First, you name the app and enter your site’s URL.

2. Customize the app

Next, you customize the app with your brand colors, upload an icon, and choose a cover image.

3. Add social accounts

Lastly, you’ll enter the URLs of your social accounts.

Once complete, the PressPad News team gets started ASAP on your app submission. How cool is that?

5 days and 5 minutes

The whole process takes just a few minutes of your time. Then Apple will review the app about five days later, and you'll have an app published in the App Store.

Click here to make your first app.

Cele is already responsive and works wonderfully on mobile devices, but if you want to expand your reach in the mobile market, this is the easiest and most affordable way to do so.

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