How to Use the New Widget Areas

Chosen Pro add the following new widget areas to your site:

  • After Post Content: These widgets show at the bottom of your Posts after the article.
  • After Page Content: These widgets show at the bottom of your Pages after the article.
  • Before Main Content: These widgets show below the header and above the main content.
  • Footer: These widgets show in the footer at the bottom of your site.

Adding Widgets to the Widget Areas

Please follow the sidebar tutorial to learn how to add widgets to widget areas: How to Customize Your Sidebar.

Additional Resources

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  • Support forum

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  • Changelog

    Review recent and past updates to Chosen.

  • Chosen on Github

    Review Chosen's commit history and project files on Github.

  • WordPress Resources

    Check our recommended resources to find great plugins and solutions for your site.


    We can help you with minor changes on your site, but if you need a highly customized version of Chosen, we recommend finding help through Codeable.