Ignite Plus Profile Image Removal Instructions

Ignite Plus has provided a profile image uploader (img) in the Your Profile menu since version 1.25. This image is used in place of a Gravatar image in the post author info box below each post, and in comments.

This option and associated profile images will be removed in the next update, version 1.56.

Why remove it?

Currently, if you use the profile image (and if other authors on your site do), if you switch themes you will no longer be able to use that image. You will have to reupload your profile image and find a new way to display it in the comments and elsewhere on your site.

What should I do?

We now recommend that you use the WP User Avatar plugin to add custom avatars to Ignite Plus. Here’s how:

  1. Download & activate WP User Avatar
  2. Visit the Your Profile menu
  3. Locate the Profile image box, and remove the image
  4. Use the Avatar section below to upload a new image, or pick an existing image (img)
  5. Click the Update Profile button

Once complete, the new avatar will display in the comments and author info box just as it did before. Now, if you choose to switch themes, your avatar will travel across themes with you.

What if I don’t switch in time?

If you don’t switch before the next update, the post author info box and your comments will simply default to your Gravatar image. If you need more time to switch yourself and your authors over, you can always delay before you update to version 1.56.