Your Member Dashboard Tour

We’ve got some cool features ready for you!

In this short guide, you’ll find out how you can manage your downloads and account from a few simple menus.

Login URL

Before we get started, here’s the URL again where you can login to your account:

Your downloads

When you first login to your account, you’ll be redirected to the Downloads section of your dashboard.

My Downloads

Here you can review all of the products you’ve purchased. Each product includes a download link you can click to get the latest version available. There is also a “Getting Started Guide” for each upgrade that will show you how to use each feature in the product.

If you make additional purchases in the future, they’ll be listed here as well.

Your license keys

In the License Keys section, you can access license keys for each of your purchased products.

My License Keys

License keys can be copied to your clipboard and then activated via your WP dashboard. We have more detailed steps on license activation available in the Support Center.

Manage your sites

You can click the “Manage Sites” link to visit a page where you can activate/deactivate your license key on different domains. This is often useful if you are migrating your site to a new domain and need to deactivate the license key on the old site.

Extend your license

If you click the “Extend license” link, you can renew your license key. VIP licenses will renew for an additional 1 year and all other licenses will be extended by 6 months.

If your license key is still valid, the additional time will be added to the existing expiration date. If the license key is already expired, the additional time will be added from today.

Your purchases

In the Purchases section of your dashboard, you can review all of your previous purchases with Compete Themes.

My Purchases

Besides the basic payment details, you can download a PDF invoice for your purchase by clicking the “Download Invoice” link.

Your profile

In the Profile section of your dashboard, you can change your name, email, and password.

My Profile

Please note that your username was set as the email address used during checkout and cannot be changed. Your username is only used to login to this site. The email address you set here will be used for all communication.

Priority support

Lastly, you can access priority support from within your dashboard.

My Priority Support

Fill out this form and we’ll move your request to the front of the line ahead of free users using the general contact form.

Next steps

Now that you’re familiar with your dashboard, you’re ready to finish setting up your new upgrade.

We recommend following the Getting Started guide linked to in the Downloads section which you can find in the Support Center as well.