Unreal service. Ben went above and beyond to help me with issues I was having with my site. Extremely professional and knowledgeable. Can't thank him enough.

Dan Schafrik

Great support from Ben on his mighty Tracks theme...

Ian Smith

Mission News is an awesome theme and it is flexible to use. I like most especially the support team that assist as fast as possible in case of any worries or bugs. Great!!!

folah B. Folah

The theme that I am using, Challenger, is beautiful, clean and highly customizable. The level of customer service is stellar. Fast and friendly. Thank you!

Harry Sousani

The support has been fast and precise, very professional. Thank you

Josh Perez

It was a long search for a great theme for my site and when I found Author it was love at first sight and everything I was looking for. After some testing I also purchased the pro Version. When I came across some questions Ben always helped me quick and very polite. Highly recommended!!

Felix Sohlmann-Faul

Killer support. Very friendly. Love the theme! azpx.com

Rob Locker

Great! Ben has responded quickly and helpfully to my questions about implementing a Mission News Pro child theme.

Don Norris

Ben Sibley was excellent at assisting me with my questions. They really know their stuff! Thanks again for helping on my journey!

Brad Baker

The support is unbelievable. The faqs are useful, direct, and specific. Searching the forum for previous issues was not a waste of time. But when I couldn't find what I needed, I emailed for help. I'm actually floored that Ben took the time to answer my specific questions to help me make my little website just exactly as perfect as I wanted it to be. I really appreciate it, and I sure wish big companies (cell phone, cable) etc. would bother to be 1/10 as helpful. Thank you!

Emily Harris

Very great support, as ever. ;)

Stephan Merk

Thank you Ben Sibley. My issue is resolved. Good support advise.

Marcus Moragn

I love your themes and I've found an absolutely excellent support for all my question and needs. Many developers should learn from you!

Andrea Marucci

Thanks so much. As a beginner I needed help to customize my website. Your support was really quick and helpful. Great themes (bought a Pro version and it really was worth it)

Nina Weisseneder

I have had the Tribes Pro, Compete Themes, for several months. I always renew for the promotional rate, and I consider the cost to be well worth the value! The upgrade allows me to make some custom changes, even though I have limited technical skills. Most of all, I am so grateful for Ben's assistance when I get stuck. The quick turn-around for responses to email queries is amazing, and relatively unusual, in my experience. I have been given CSS that I am able to copy/paste for the changes I wanted. I highly recommend Compete Themes!

Marilyn Newbury

Great theme that was so easy to customize and they answer any questions within a day - even giving simple code snippets to put in the customizer for some basic design changes (color to blockquote, size of photo caption text, etc.). Excellent customer service!

Molly McHugh

The customer service provided by Complete Themes is responsive and helpful. I wanted to change some of the font sizes around on my website and they promptly provided me with custom CSS to do so. They also went into my site for me and checked on an issue I was having, quickly solving the problem. Designing a website can be intimidating when you don't understand CSS or HTML very well, but they've made the process easy for me. I recommend!

Janina Misiewicz

The customer support from Ben and the team is simply the best I've ever experienced in any sector. They're super fast, knowledgeable, and courteous. I've contacted them a couple of times now and my issue has always been promptly and professionally resolved. I can't recommend them, and their products, highly enough. They're the definition of first class customer support.

Austin Hackney

Great support! Answers latest on the next day and always helpful trying to figure out what the problem is! Thanks.

Lea Buchweitz

I suggested a feature for Chosen-Pro. Only a few hours later, Ben told me, he will realize it in the next update. That's the way I like it!

Dietmar Hermanutz

Contacted me within minutes and resolved my problem!

Bobby Morahan

Great theme, great support, great experience. Thanks Guys.

Harry Muhren

Great! Support within couple of hours, good explanation and it worked! Thank you!

Anna Stoffel

The support was great with a very precise, easy and fast answer.

Rossella B

Great! Nice and simple, clean theme with an easy walk-through. Quick and helpful response from support.

Daniel Gray

very good with great Ben! He is indeed precious! Maurizio

maurizio giordano

Excellent! Like ever, thanks for your time and assistment.

Stephan Merk

Very good, Ben replied very fast and good. My site now is very beautiful. Thanks!

Dongqi Lyu

Dear Ben, Yes, this CSS works great now! Thanks a lot for your prompt and professional support! I love this Chosen Theme and a lot of people I showed it to, do like it as well. Have a nice rest of the day. Best wishes from Germany. Andrea

Andrea Urban

Ben Sibley was my supporter, and he offered exceptional help with my website.

Rachel Wolfe

it was a great experience :) The one who answered my questions was very helpful and friendly

Mariam Tartusy

Love the theme - and so very happy and relieved that the support is just as wonderful. Quick, patient, thorough. Thank you

Janet Wertman

5/5 Stars!

Robert Varasciuc

As always, great support. Thanks, Ben!

Marilyn Newbury

Thank you, Ben Sibley, for helping me to solve my plug-in update issues for Tribe Pro, as well as solve some spacing issues - all in a timely fashion. Much appreciated!

Marilyn Newwbury

I appreciate the support for the Tribes Pro plug-in. When I could not find the information on the Help links, I was pleased to find an actual link to contact Support directly. The responses are a quick turn-around and very helpful. Thank you!

Marilyn Newbury

Prompt and helpful answers. I can only recommend!

Zsuzsa Fodor

Love the theme, but being a relative newbie to Wordpress I had a problem and emailed support. Got a very nice reply within the hour from a chap called Mike Davis who solved the problem very helpfully. It was an issue with with Wordpress and not the theme itself. I am very impressed. It's great to deal with companies like that, I wish there were more.

Malcolm Pryce

I emailed because I purchased author pro and there was a fatal error and it would not load. I was a little anxious, as this was my first experience with your company. I was concerned for no reason though; Ben was an amazing help! He was friendly and attentive and had the upgrade working within a day. A huge thanks to Ben for his terrific customer service, and I look forward to starting my blog!

Christine Penhale

These guys have such modern classy themes, and they're super helpful whenever I've had even the dumbest question. Thanks guys!

Laura Domela

THANK YOU! I'm very grateful to the Compete Themes support team and have just renewed my license. I always know I can get quick support for any issues that arise.

Kit O'Connell

You have a supper customers service, specially Mike , he is very helpful . Thanks so much

Mohamed Essam

Fantastic experience! The support from Mike was amazing and so prompt even though it was over the Christmas period. I had a small problem with customizing and integrating the WooCommerce plugin with Chosen Pro. Mike patiently worked through the issues until finally finding the fix with some additional CSS. Bravo!!

Steve Bentley

Mike was super helpful for a non-developer like me - totally love my theme now and happy to be blogging again!

Virginia O'Connor

Wonderful! Thank you!

Virginia O'Connor

There was a time when I thought I could build a website myself, haha. I am a bit of a perfectionist, and there is no theme out there that matches my 'perfect' vision. While failing to even set up a wordpress localy, I realised there must be people out there, who are really good at this coding thing. So I started to try out all different kinds of free themes. But I always ended up customizing to much so the website would break. A few times I tried to ask my wordpress hosting provider for help, but they didn't really understand what I wanted. Then I came across this theme: Ignite Plus. It was a premium theme. But I figured, if I wanted a serious website I needed to invest a little. So I bought it and I loved it right away. There are so much options to customize, I can play all day. I even adapted the standard accent color as my branding color. And we lived happily ever after. Oh, not exactly. There was a thing. I fell in love for the second time. This time it was a video hosting service (Wistia) with a really cool marketing tool (Turnstile). With it I can collect the emailadresses from my visitors right in the video player! Ignite Plus has an option for featured video's, which I like very much. So I made this plan to embed a welcome video on my homepage as featured video, with the option to leave your emailadress. I would be so beautiful. But.. unfortunately, it didn't work. The supported video hosting sevices for featured video's in Ignite Plus, are Vimeo and Youtube.. but no Wistia. I felt really sad. Had this great plan, but it was impossible. I emailed Wistia but they could not help. And I really hate asking help. In the end I decided to email Compete Themes. I was suprised they wanted to help me. After a few trial and errors Ben Sibley found a solution and released a new update. Now I am able to use my two favorite products in harmony with each other! Thank you Ben! You made a great customizable theme, and gave much more support than promised!

Tanja de Lang

I love the customising features and simplicity of Compete Themes. They have outstanding customer service as well!

Lynda Barrie

Mike has answered two of my questions like a breeze, on a sunday!


I liked the design of the Unlimited theme but unfortunately I need other features as well so it wasn't the right choice for me. Best regards

Tamara Chkaleska

I already were in love with the theme.. An added bonus is the wonderful support .. My helper was MIKE and he did an AWESOME job in answering appropriately :)

Funky Den

I bought the compete theme Chosen pro, today. But the file is impossible to download correctly, and instead of a zip fil I obtain a pho file!

lucile gelebart

I've tried a few businesses making wordpress themes, but ulitmatley ended up with compete themes. The themes are lovely, excellent coded and if there happens to be any wish or mistake the support does not hesitate to help. Just try it!

Jonas Paul

Like always. Very fast response and very supportive. Thanks a lot!

Andrea Urban

Thanks a lot for your support. I am again impressed by the quality and promptness of your help.

Andrea Urban

Fast and Gold Support. Versand statisches.

dmitri karpow

My problem was fixed in no time! Thanks! :)

Sam Jehanzeb

Great experience! Both of my css code issues were solved so quickly! I am so happy now because I spent hours before to solve it on my own, without success. Thank you so much!!! Greetings from Germany, Andrea

Andrea Urban

My experience is on-going and with each prompt reply I am more and more impressed with how out-standing the customer service and support is. This has been my first time ever working with wordpress... steep learning curve... but the support I've received after upgrading to Founder Pro has made the process so much less daunting. These guys are the. absolute. best.

Jennifer Jolliffe

The guys here, were amazing, came back with answers to my support issues in a timely fashion, and most importantly they were very helpful and did not make me feel like a nuisance. That is really important to me. I would most definitely recommend them. And their theme does exactly what it said it would.

Nike Akiti

I have had trouble in the past trying to customize the CSS myself, so I thought I'd try support. Mike Davis has been extremely helpful with my many questions. He's been patient and is so knowledgeable about this subject that I trust him to help me make my blog just the way I want it. I've had the best experience with support!

Luisa Benito

Support is great, Send some questions by email and had a really great and fast feedback answering my questions perfectly. Top notch! Stan

Stanley Brusse

I run into a problem and the Compete Themes support team was very attentive trying to solve my issue with the Author Theme I used. In the end, it turned out it wasn't even a problem with the theme (the problem was with one of the plugins I used) but it was nice to know that a support team is there trying to help.

Gosia W

Great design and great support. I had a very specific problem with the them 'Tracks'. But Ben was able to provide me a perfect and easy to implement solution. Thanks to the whole Compete Team. You guys doing an awesome job!

Jonas Ester

Exzellent as ever! ;-)

Stephan Merk

Perfect service, good design

viktor malygin

I was having trouble with my theme after placing a css code on the wrong place (i guess), the site went from looking nice a clean, to looking like pure vertical plain text. It was horrible. When this happened it was a Saturday; i thought i was going to have to wait until Monday or Tuesday before having someone get back to me. I was so glad to be wrong. By Sunday morning i was contacted by support, and they took care of every single issue for me. I am all about great customer service. They have a customer for life. I am very happy with their service.

Rosselys Gonzalez

I can't say enough good about the customer service I received while changing to the Author theme on my blog. They walked me through changes and explained how to fix errors I'd made. Excellent service, and I love my theme.

Robin Follette

I purchased Author Pro last year and contacted support for the first time this morning. I received a response within an hour which allowed me to instantly fix my issue. No runaround, no back and forth, just a quick and effective solution to my problem. I was a little skeptical about paying for a theme with so many free themes available, and if I hadn't already been sold on the value before today, this level of support was well worth paying for. Thanks, completethemes!

Jess Edwards

Like most people looking for WordPress themes, I was overwhelmed with the options in the Internet. I tried Compete Themes and glad I did! Outstanding product and customer support. Price is well worth the product. I'm sure you will share the same satisfied experience I did!!

Benedict Capili

Thanks for the instant support. My Problem was solved superfast and it worked perfect!

Christian Ziegler

Am pleased by the Support given by Compete Theme's team. Thumbs up for the quick response given by the Developer Ben. He has steered me through all the problems I had since day one,of installing the theme. And I believe his tutorials helped ease the many customizations one has to undergo. Great Work Ben.

Merlyn Low

Good support with a great theme!

Alexandra Concentric

Great. Thank you for responding promptly to my request, and assisting me with my site. I'm excited to build with your theme!! - Carrie

Carrie Lee Miller

Great support from someone called Ben Sibley today. Efficient and fast. Thank you.

Clements Lucy

Great support ? Are you kidding me, fantastic support !! Thanks a lot.

Michel Benita

I asked a question at 7.57am en received a reply at 10.29am with the solution. Problem is solved. Thank you for the quick response.

Jan Mooij/EHBO Castricum

Ben replied to my problem very quickly and helped me solve the issue right away. Very happy customer.

Adrianne Cristofaro

As ever: Ben did great work. Many thanks!

Stephan Merk

The Compete Themes team is AWESOME. I'm a non-technical blogger, and the support team has been wonderful with helping me get my theme working and customized to a T. They're quick to respond, knowledgable, and super friendly. I'm so glad I chose this theme!

Katerina Jeng

Very well, Ben did very nice work and got me the information which I needs. Now all is working well.

Stephan Merk

I've never left a testimonial before, but I had a problem, tried a long time to solve it on my own. Emailed them, figured a reply in a couple of days telling me to try stuff I already had. Nope, reply in 4 hours with the troubleshooting done, problem identified, and solution in my hands. Thanks!

Nick Soutter

I love this theme (Tracks) and I recently purchased two additional licenses (two column; background) and discovered I'd previously purchased the background licenses but neglected to upload the plug in. Customer Service responded immediately to my email requesting a credit or refund, and refunded the cost of the duplicate purchase. I would have been just as satisfied with a credit. I wish more companies understood the "service" part of customer service.

Jodi Doff

The Unlimited theme is beautiful and easy to use. It gives you the possibility to create your own look (colours, font, layouts and more) and the support is great! Also on their website you find all the information you need to create your personal website. I can highly recommend their themes!!

Maddy d'Oliveira

Honestly I cannot thank Ben and the Chosen Themes team enough for their help! One night I formatted my old site by mistake one night and decided to start from scratch. I loved the Chosen theme and decided to go for the upgrade. From day one Ben has helped me to customize my site and even updated Chosen to include a slider in the main page. Totally worth the upgrade for the support alone--but the fact that my site has never looked so flossy (on desktop and mobile) is like Thanksgiving, New Year's and National Doughnut Day rolled into one! Thanks guys!

Jessica Hunter

The support is great: fast, friendly and precise. Keep up the good work!

Mihai P.

Excellent customer support. Very thorough, professional, fast - exactly what I wanted.

Woody Leonhard

Ben was great. He recognized the issue -- it was Safari, not Ignite Plus -- and I was back on track in no time.

Bill Mintz

Fantastic! Ben was extremely helpful. Went way above and beyond in terms of helping me customize my site and work through some technical issues.

Eric Kinny

Ben Sibley was really helpful! Thanks, Ben!!!

S Hamstra

I had an error occur on my site and had to overwrite my existing Wordpress. I lost all of my themes and I frantically repurchased the Apex Pro theme without realizing I had the zip file from the first time I purchased. I emailed support and received an email the next day indicating I'd be receiving a refund! Great and speedy service!

Luisa Benito

Excellent. Always a fast response from Ben with detailed answers.

Paul Haworth

Great support- Ben helped me to figure out the issue and come up with a quick solution.

Jillian Benbow

Fast and pleasant support. Many Thanks. :-)

Simone Hervatin

It was great. I got an immediate response from Ben Sibley and was given a very useful tip and a solution.

Veena Rayapareddi

I cant find my activation key so I am not happy

Jesse Harris

I have not been able to do setup the background texture

Stavros Christoforaratos

Awesome! Replied back within 5 minutes!

Nicholas Frank

Ben Sibley rocks! he is a mind reader and can tell you what your issues are before you even say anything!! Keep on rocking, Ben! Appreciate all your help! (Don't think i'll stop bugging you!)

Rohit V

I downloaded the Tracks theme for WordPress and had an issue with the "Customize" functionality: the page would hang. I sent an email to Ben and he had a resolution by the next day. Excellent service - thank you!

Chris Burgess

I recently purchased the Author Pro theme. The install of the theme went great. I found the developer's step-by-step instructions on how to install it to be very helpful. Afterwards, there were a few details about the theme that I would have liked to see changed. The developer responded to my inquiry in less than 24 hours, and provided me with step by step instructions on how to make the change. I'm really happy with my recent theme upgrade!

Stacey Thureen

Wonderful. I had a (probably simple, but impossibly complicated to me) problem and I sent an email begging for help. I received a response within hours, and upon using the fix suggested by the Compete Themes support center, the problem was instantly solved. Thank you so much for your help, and my loyalty to your products and services has just gone up a ton!

Terry Kaye

Fantastic. Ben answered everything I needed quickly and with easy to follow instructions. Keep up the good work.

paul haworth

Seriously good support. Any question I had whilst building my site around my compete themes Founder Pro theme was answered fast and with all the info I needed: pointers, hints, code you name it. They've helped me build a site I'm really proud of. Thanks.

James Bellorini

Compete Themes.. Where do I start? I started Wordpress with Tracks and I must say Ben's support has driven me to learn more about the software and produce more and more sites, so first of all, thank you for that. Bens support is way more than you would expect, he usually gets back to me the same day! And unlike many services, you aren't just told 'its been fixed' or 'copy this and this will work'. Ben explains how to fix it, why it was broken and how the code fixes it, exactly what it is doing. Ben explains stuff in plain english, so you know exactly what he's talking about and in a polite manner, it's like speaking to an incredibly knowledgable friend you've known for years. I requested for Soundcloud to be compatible with the 'featured videos' upgrade as it wasn't working properly (this is a big thing to sort). The response? Within 3 weeks I will release a theme update that contains it... I can't express how helpful Compete Themes are and how happy I have been with the support. Ben, hats off to you, I admire your work ethic and knowledge. If you want to see how reliable Compete Themes are, and how customisable their sites are, check out their page of CSS snippets [this is for tracks, but all themes have their own snippets]. https://www.competethemes.com/tracks-css-snippets-collection/ Incredible value for money.

Tom Hill

Flawless! Ben's replies where always friendly, competent and lightning fast. Customer service at it's best! Greetings from Germany, Marc

Marc Keil

Quick and amicable response, solved my problem immediately.

Sylwia Madebo

Great Wordpress theme, good and quick support! I really like these guys :)

Nicolas Johansen

Excellent - a VERY prompt response that got me up and running in no time. Thank you for great service!

Chris Handy

Ben Sibley has been extremely helpful and insightful as I've been trying to build my site, planetbuzzkill.com. Give him a raise!!! :) Seriously, he's been wonderful. thanks!

Dan Patrell

I am totally pleased with the support given by Ben Sibley. He has not failed to respond to my questions and problems immediately. Being new at website building, he has been effective at pinpointing the errors I made and how to overcome them. Two thumbs up for the Good Support by Ben!

Merlyn Low

Spectacular support! Ben is quick to respond and so friendly and helpful. I've messaged Ben several times already and he always finds resolutions. Ben's support makes using his beautiful theme even more enjoyable. Thank you so much!

Robin Barrett

great. Excited to get started now!

Miles Paulley

The fastest turnaround for a support problem that I can remember. I received an immediate reply and a new version of Unlimited Pro with the bug fix was ready the following day -- on a Sunday!

Christopher Edwards

Very kind and quick support. Big thanks!

Sam Jehanzeb

I have been working in and around the business of Internet since 1994. Back then there was no Web. There was WAIS and Gopher and email. Things have changed a lot since then, unfortunately one of those changes concerns customer support. Everyone is so busy. However, I have to say that I have been extraordinarily pleased with the support that Ben with Complete Themes provides. Some of the best support that I have seen in a long time. And the icing on the cake - The Themes that Ben has written are hard to beat as well. I am pretty much hooked on Ignite Plus. No it's not one of the free themes, but for goodness sakes, take the step up and go paid. Ignite Plus is hard to beat. Yes you can buy a Theme that is more "Free Form" but I think that for most applications you will be hard pressed to find a better, more organized, feature rich theme for the money. And oh yeah, it's backed by that wonderful support mentioned above. Go for it, I seriously doubt you will regret it. Take Care, Jeff M Smith former Owner of Internet Connect Services, Missoula, MT.

Jeff Smith

The theme support I have received from Ben for the Tracks theme has been exceptional. He responds right away and always has the answers the first time! I love this theme, but the support makes it even more wonderful!

Traci Howerton

Great and fast support with effective replies that make your problems go away in a bit! You get all this for a free theme and a few upgrades that make your site go "wow" and are not expensive? I couldn't believe it but now I do! Keep up the good work, guys

Haris Mustajbasic

Support is quick, responsive, and very supportive. The themes are well-designed with awesome compatibility for all devices as well as for those who need accessibility support. You can't go wrong here. D. L. Keur, zentao.com a professional on the Net since 1997

D. L. Keur

I did a whirlwind installation of Unlimited Pro to upgrade my site to a mobile-friendly environment. Things went remarkably smoothly and I was up again in a cosmetically satisfactory manner in just an hour or two. I had a couple of behavior questions & needed guidance in some esoteric areas, and got very prompt, friendly, and useful support, including a child-theme to address one issue. I'm very pleased with the theme itself, which catches almost anything I can think of I would want to customize as a user-input (vs code modifications), and also very happy with the customer support.

Karen Myers

As always with Ben, great!

Mac King Aston

the Tracks Child Theme trick worked well. On the other hand my Hosting Company informed that there have been weird page requests from inside the Blog to other sides that cause the Hosters Firewall to stop all Links going out to some adresses. They assumed it must be spam, because its the same way spamers do. I would have to open those links manually, but for security reasons there is no visible View to check which urls it would have requested, just an ip. Under that ip, strangely was a page with hundrets of chinese servers. Knowing its a very fresh install of wordpress 4.1.1 it may be a hint to some generally risky codes inside the blog system or theme.. cant check that, there i have no knowledge for.. ^^ but so long, your method worked savely and i came around using thos buttons again. Thank you very much

Frank Hofmann

I'm new to the blogging scene, and frankly speaking, Ben's support and suggestions have been nothing short of exceptional! His expeditious responses and highly knowledgeable support solutions have helped me to navigate almost seamlessly through this new blogging terrain. He knows his stuff and goes above and beyond in sharing his knowledge with newbies like myself. The upgrade options add the extra "oomph" to an already beautiful, highly-responsive, and clean theme. I love the Tracks theme and the outstanding support that comes with! Thanks Ben!

Marissa A A

Great and fast support from Ben :))

Pia Brothen

Thanks for a fast und good support that answered all my questions.

Mathias Kindt-Hopffer

My experience was amazing! Thanks Ben Sibley for the super fast and helpful response. I was so impressed with how quickly I got a reply and that I got a step by step on how to solve a small issue.

Louise Cheung

I have to say that the support from CompeteThemes is above and beyond the call of duty. I had an issue with how content showed up on my site using the Drop theme. I had talked to Ben previously, so I sent him an email about it. Ben continued to work with me to address this issue. It is rare to see customer service of this level in this day and age. These guys are the best!

Rolando Marquez

Lightning speed Support. 100% Service. Thanx

Florian Perfler

Great theme. Even better support. Absolutely first rate. Thanks!

Tara MacG

I downloaded the Tracks theme and it was pretty stellar right out of the box. I purchased a couple of the premium features and it made the theme even better. These upgrades were very reasonably priced compared to other theme upgrades I've seen online. After working through my customization, there were still a few things that I really wished could be changed. I contacted customer support and quickly received detailed instructions on how to achieve exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend these guys.

Dave Rentauskas

Fantastic and quick response and support. Could not be any better. Thank you for your great work, Merry Christmas!

Christopher Day

Great and exceptional Support from the Team. I really appreciate. Please keep it up!


We haven't even set up our page yet and I had a quick question for Complete Themes. Minutes later came a prompt and helpful response from Ben. If it's efficient and reliable support you're after, look no further.

Patrick O'Riley

Hello, I want to leave a testimonial about my experience contacting Compete Themes! Ben in particular helped me and with his help I am building a nice website!! Alexandre Campinas

Alexandre Campinas

It's always a great experience due to the prompt response and useful solutions from Ben. The themes look great as well. My personal favourite would be the single-column layout. Amazing work. Keep it up.

Prayank Sam

Hello over there! I just want to say how great is the support from your team!!! I contacted you twice, first time with a question about my website (I use Tracks Theme), second time with a question about the other layout-versions. Every time I got quickly an answer. Didn't wait a day! :-) And the contact was easy and kind. Thank you for this! And go on with your work! It's quiet beautiful! Greatings from France. miRjana

miRjana petRicevic

I had some questions about the Drop theme regarding some issues with the layout and some visual a changes I wanted in the theme. I sent support a message asking for some changes. I am amazed by the promptness of the reply. Ben replied to me within 24 hours and provided some direction. You guys are so awesome! Thanks so much for the help

Roy Marquez

Extremely pleased! I have basic knowledge of HTML and wanted to alter a few things slightly to adapt to our website and Ben has been nothing but thorough and extremely quick to respond to help me with this! Gave me all the more reason to stick with my layout.. Would highly recommend any 'Compete Theme'!!!

Sarah Beinstein

Tracks is an amazing theme - and with this amazing theme comes amazing support! Ben was able to help me with any issues I had and assisted in customizing the theme to my liking. Thank you!

Mido Hamzawi

Ben Sibley (theme author)help me to resolve my issue in a very professional way. The response time is immediate.Thank yo very much.

Claudia Aviles

I'm a newb to WordPress and the technical support from Compete Themes is prompt, helpful, and friendly. "Tracks" is my second theme, as the first one I downloaded from another company contained too many tweaks and adjustments for a newb and my pictures never uploaded correctly; it was seemingly impossible to create the website to look as it did in the promo pic. With Compete's "Tracks," I was able to build my blog to look just like the promo in a fairly short time with only a few questions. As an amateur, I can only say that Compete Themes' programming/code and design for "Tracks" seems cleaner and simpler. Thank you, Compete Themes!

Mary B

I had an issue and I wrote to Ben. To my surprise I got a reply within moments and he helped me fix the issue. It's good to see such great support and a dedicated person like Ben on the job. Great theme Ben and love the support. Thank you.

Prayank Sam

I really love the beautiful look and layout of the Tracks theme, but on top of that, Ben has been extraordinarily helpful when I've had questions, with really prompt turnaround times. Thank you so much!

Lauryn Shapter

I sent an email asking about some future features and got a personal response right away. Ben asked what I'd like to see in upcoming versions with a level of curiosity and detail that only comes from being truly passionate about his work. He loves what he does and it shows. This man is a pro, plain and simple. I'm just happy I stumbled across his work.

Antonio De Wolk

After trying out a lot of themes for a new business-blog, we found ignite-plus and we are really happy with it, easy to use - also for non-experts. The support is also very fast and effective. Thanks

Wolfgang Huber

Great Support! I can always get a really prompt reply. It a graceful and elegant theme,I love it!

Ben wang

First - I love the Tracks theme. Form and function fit perfectly. It's beautifully executed. Perfect for blogging without excess features. And... none of the headaches of trying to override or reengineer the theme's design choices (I'm not a developer.) As a photographer/filmmaker it displays images and videos perfectly. It's ability to dynamically resize the content is wonderful. I've had a few questions as well as a suggestion or two and Ben has been extremely responsive.

Jon Roemer

This was definitely the most epic product support I've ever interacted with. Ben is quick to respond, effective in his efforts, and happens to be a diagnostic genius. Not only is the support great, but the theme itself is highly customizable, and it's constantly being updated with new features and bug fixes. Definitely worth the money!

Brian Pagan

Boy, what a snappy response and helpful, too! What gives? It's like you folks want to be successful or something. I also appreciate your Knowledge base... it's clear and focuses on meaningful stuff... not a bunch of clutter. Thanks!

Bo Salisbury

This is my first theme upgrade purchase. I ran into a few minor problems ( mostly of my own making ) while customizing Ignite plus. I emailed support during business hours and was pleasantly surprised to have received solutions literally within the hour. Ben was fast, understanding and very helpful - to the extreme. Good solid service is a rare commodity these days. After my support experiences here I'm glad I went with Compete Themes. Cheers, Ken Fitzgerald

ken fitzgerald

Super fast response to my problem sorted out very quickly, thanks Ben much appreciated

Geoffrey Howell