Now Customizing is Easy with Unlimited Pro

  • New layouts Click to enlarge

    New Layouts

    New layouts help your content look and perform its best. You can switch to new layouts effortlessly from the Customizer, or from specific posts or pages.

    Unlimited Pro adds 6 new layouts.

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  • Custom colors Click to enlarge

    Custom Colors

    Custom colors let you match the color of your site with your brand. Point-and-click to select a color, and watch your site update instantly.

    With 77 color controls, you can change the color of any element on your site.

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  • Google fonts Click to enlarge

    New Fonts

    Stylish new fonts add character and charm to your content. Select and instantly preview fonts from the Customizer.

    Since Unlimited Pro is powered by Google Fonts, it comes with 728 fonts for you to choose from.

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  • Header image Click to enlarge

    Flexible Header Image

    Header images welcome visitors and set your site apart. Upload your image and quickly resize it to the perfect size.

    Display the header image on just the homepage, or leave it sitewide and link it to the homepage.

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  • Featured Video Click to enlarge

    Featured Videos

    Featured Videos are an easy way to share videos in place of Featured Images. Instantly embed a Youtube video by copying and pasting its URL into an input.

    Unlimited Pro auto-embeds videos from Youtube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, as well as 9 other video sites.

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  • Featured Slider Click to enlarge

    Featured Sliders

    Featured Sliders are an easy way to share image sliders in place of Featured Images. Quickly add responsive sliders to any page or post.

    Unlimited Pro integrates with the free Meta Slider plugin with styling and sizing controls for your sliders.

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  • Background images Click to enlarge

    Background Images

    Background images help you stand out from the rest. Upload a unique image to use as the backdrop for your site.

    Background images are automatically centered and sized to fit the screen.

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  • Background textures and images Click to enlarge

    Background Textures

    Background textures transform the look and feel of your site. Switch to a textured background with a click.

    Unlimited Pro includes 39 bundled textures to choose from.

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  • Featured image size Click to enlarge

    Featured Image Sizes

    Set each Featured Image to the perfect size. You can change the aspect ratio for all Featured Images and individual Featured Images with ease.

    Unlimited Pro includes twelve different aspect ratios for your Featured Images.

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  • widget areas Click to enlarge

    New Widget Areas

    The flexibility of multiple widget areas can help increase ad revenue and generate more email subscribers. Adding widgets to the new widget areas is easy as dragging-and-dropping.

    Unlimited Pro adds 4 new widget areas.

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  • fixed menu styles Click to enlarge

    Additional Menus

    Additional menus allow you to expand and optimize your site's navigation. Quickly create and publish new menus just like the Primary menu.

    Unlimited Pro adds a Secondary and Footer menu to Unlimited.

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  • fixed menu styles Click to enlarge

    Navigation Styles

    Fixed position menus help visitors discover your content by keeping the navigation present at all times. Easily switch between menu styles from the Customizer.

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  • display options Click to enlarge

    Display Controls

    Display controls let you display the parts of your site you want to show off, and hide the rest. Remove elements with just one click.

    Unlimited Pro includes display controls for 10 different elements.

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  • Custom footer text Click to enlarge

    Custom Footer Text

    Custom footer text lets you further brand your site. Just start typing to add your own text to the footer.

    The footer text supports plain text and full HTML for adding links.

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Add Incredible Flexibility to Your Site

  • Unlimited Pro

    $49/ year
    • Unlimited Pro Plugin
    • 1 domain
    • 6 months support & updates
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  • Unlimited Pro +

    $89/ year
    • Unlimited Pro Plugin
    • Unlimited domains
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  • VIP Package

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    • Unlimited domains
    • 1 year support & updates
    • Access to upcoming plugins
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100% Money Back Guarantee

If you decide your purchase was not the right choice for your site, let us know within 30 days, and we will happily issue you a full refund.


Q. Unlimited Pro is a plugin?

Yes, this way you don't need to switch themes. You simply activate the Unlimited Pro plugin and the new features will be added to your site.

Q. Can I continue using Unlimited Pro if I don't renew?

Yes, once purchased you can use Unlimited Pro forever even if you don't renew.

Q. How much does renewing cost?

All packages can be renewed for 60% off (ex. Unlimited Pro is $19.60 to renew).

Q. What do I get if I renew?

If you choose to renew, you will continue to receive updates and priority support. VIP renewals will also get continued access to new plugins released over the year.

Q. Does the VIP package give me access to plugins released after my purchase?

Yes, for one year after your purchase, you will get access to any new premium plugins that are released.

Q. Will I be charged when my plan ends?

No, you will not be charged again. You will be invited to renew, but the payment is not automatic.

Q. Do I need Unlimited to use Unlimited Pro?

Yes, the Unlimited theme must be active on your site for Unlimited Pro to work.