Top 4 Best Car Rental WordPress Plugins for 2023

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Car rentals are complex.

You need to provide visitors with an up-to-the-moment inventory of available cars and include a rather complex booking form.

Thanks to the limitless flexibility of WordPress, you can easily add all of this functionality to your site with a single plugin.

The plugins listed below come with everything you need.

You can include unlimited booking forms, manage your inventory, charge by the day or hour, and much more.

Only the best car booking plugins have been included below, so you can simply review the finest options on the market.

Keep scrolling to see the top recommendations.

If you don’t have a gorgeous design for your site already, check out our collection of car rental WordPress themes before you go.

Car rental WordPress plugins

Each plugin in this collection includes a ton of flexibility. You’ll have no trouble creating the complex rental forms needed for a rental service business. Even better, every form is responsive and adapts well to mobile devices.

Here are the top car rental WordPress plugins available.

  • 1. RnB - WooCommerce Booking & Rental Plugin

    Rnb car rental plugin

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    Plugin Description

    There’s not much more you can ask for from a rental or booking plugin. RnB includes a massive variety of features for adding car rentals to your WordPress site.

    If you visit the live demo, you’ll find a sample rental page with an extensive form. The rental form includes the pickup and dropoff location, pickup and dropoff date and time; additional upsells, number of adults and children, and more. The form is entirely customizable, so you can choose to include whichever ones you need.

    As a car rental service, the booking experience is more complicated than a hotel rental. For instance, the room will only be booked by one party each evening. With car rentals, you might have multiple people renting out a car the same day. RnB includes hourly rental options, which let you maximize the earning potential of each vehicle.

    The RnB car rental plugin also includes inventory management tools, product availability controls, multiple price configuration settings, and min/max booking days. You could even use a fraction of its features to create a booking system for a car wash. It’s a truly comprehensive solution for anyone who needs to add a car rental system to their website.

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  • 2. Car Rental Booking System

    Car Rental Booking System

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    Plugin Description

    Car Rental Booking System has a beautiful step-by-step car rental system for your customers. This plugin stands out thanks to its excellent user experience.

    Large contact forms can be intimidating for your potential customers. This plugin breaks the complex car rental process into a few smaller, simpler steps. Renters start by selecting the pickup and return location, date, and time. Then they search your inventory of available cars. Next, they enter their drive details. Lastly, they’ll review the booking summary and submit their payment. The eCommerce capabilities are powered by WooCommerce which is a dependable solution. Plus, it means you can use PayPal, Stripe, or any other payment processor to accept payments on your site. If you want a booking plugin with WooCommerce compatibility, this should be a top choice for your website.

    While Car Rental Booking System has lots of features, I’m ranking it highly in the collection for its design quality. It looks beautiful on laptops and mobile devices, and you may convert more visitors into paying customers thanks to the optimized rental flow. Click the link below to see what else this WP plugin can do.

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  • 3. Car Rental System

    Car Rental System

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    Plugin Description

    Car Rental System is another solid choice for adding rentals to your site. The best thing this plugin has going for it is its track record on CodeCanyon. Nearly 2,000 WordPress users have purchased it and rated it an average 4.28/5.00 from over 150+ reviews. As a plugin first released in mid-2015, you can also expect it to be highly refined and dependable these days.

    If you need a scalable solution, Car Rental System could be the best choice for your site. The code is well-written and optimized for performance. As a developer, you find it easy to edit and include new functionality of your own when needed. It also includes multiple security players and anti-spam protections. Plus, it works great with large databases.

    Some key features included in this rental plugin are pricing by the day and hour, unlimited rental listings, Google Maps embeds, WPML support for multilingual websites, built-in email confirmations, and single/multiple car bookings.

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  • 4. Ecalypse Rental Starter

    Ecalypse Rental Starter

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    Plugin Description

    Ecalypse creates online rental solutions for small businesses. They provide a mix of both plugins and services, and the rental starter plugin gives you access to some of the functionality they offer.

    The live demo site will give you a look at what you can accomplish with the plugin. The demo uses their Ecalypse base theme. Ecalypse Rental Starter can be used with any template but integrates especially well with their theme.

    You can add unlimited rentals to your site and allow multiple rentals per order. This is normally more important for bike or scooter rentals than car rentals, but it’s still a nice feature to have. If you are serious about creating an online car rental company, you might prefer Ecalypse’s plugin since they offer premium development services too. You can have a custom solution built off of their plugin just for your website.

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Which car rental plugin is best?

The RnB plugin has a fantastic mix of feature availability and design quality. That said, the premium user experience provided by Car Rental Booking System made it a close second.

Keep in mind that while some of these plugins are premium, the free plugins are powered by paid services as well.

If you have any questions about these WordPress plugins for car rentals, please post in the comments section below.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
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