Top 6 Best Inventory Management WordPress Plugins

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Selling physical products?

WooCommerce is the best WordPress solution. But…

WooCommerce doesn’t include great inventory management options out-of-box. In fact, this part of WC can be massively improved with an extra plugin.

The plugins collected here have everything you need to better manage your inventory.

You’ll find new business-oriented dashboards, advanced searching and filtering, out-of-stock email notifications, and more included in this inventory management plugins.

Keep reading to find your best options.

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Inventory management plugins

There’s a mixture of free, premium, and freemium plugins included here. All of them can work great for your site, so choose carefully based on the features you need to run your business.

The plugins listed here can do things like warn you when you’re out of stock, give you a complete inventory management system, and even integrate with label scanning systems.

Here are the top picks for the best WordPress inventory management plugins.

  • 1. Katana


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    Plugin Description

    Katana for WooCommerce is a comprehensive inventory management solution. With their application, you’ll gain access to an intuitive dashboard where you can track your finished goods and material availability, create bills of materials, and prioritize your manufacturing schedule with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

    While technically not a plugin, Katana has a robust WooCommerce integration that makes it work as seamlessly as if it was installed directly on your WordPress site. As a separate application, it loads quickly and is easier to use than if the developers tried to fit everything into the WP admin panel.

    Katana also includes advanced features not available in other simpler solutions listed here. For instance, you can identify delay risks ahead of time, track your inventory in real-time, and sync with any of the top accounting apps. Overall, Katana is an effective inventory management solution and a great fit for growing eCommerce businesses.

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  • 2. WooCommerce Out of Stock Manager

    WooCommerce Out Of Stock Manager

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    Plugin Description

    If you want to keep on top of your store’s inventory at all times, look no further than the WooCommerce Out of Stock Manager plugin.

    This handy WordPress plugin lets you set inventory counts for all of your products. The inventory is automatically reduced as sales are made, but you can adjust them manually as well. The handy dashboard widget can be displayed when you first login to keep an eye on current inventory levels.

    WooCommerce Out of Stock Manager has a handful of ways to help you keep your stock up. Besides the admin widget, there is a separate menu that displays your products including their current inventory. You can filter the table by products that are low on stock or currently out of stock. Even more helpful are the email notifications. If any product gets low or runs out, you can have an automated email sent to any email address you want.

    Overall, WooCommerce Out of Stock Manager is a great plugin for inventory management if you use WooCommerce.

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  • 3. ATUM Inventory Management for WooCommerce

    ATUM Inventory Management

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    Plugin Description

    ATUM is an extremely robust stock management platform. With their WordPress plugin, you can add the business-friendly interface right into your existing site. Here’s how it works.

    With ATUM installed, you’ll probably forget all about the Products menu in WooCommerce. The new ATUM screen gives you a much more practical view of your products including their stock so you can make sure your inventory is always maintained.

    There’s a seriously massive volume of features included in this free inventory management plugin. A few of these features include supplier management, tools to assist with re-ordering, inventory search filters, business reports, and PDF exports for purchase orders.

    Overall, ATUM is an awesome inventory plugin for WooCommerce. Click the link below if you want to see more screenshots and details.

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  • 4. Scanventory


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    Plugin Description

    Many WooCommerce users rely on drop shipping, but if you have your own warehouse or inventory on location, this plugin is a must-have.

    Scanventory is an amazing plugin that lets you manage your inventory with your mobile device. Print a unique label for each product via the WooCommerce dashboard in your WP admin. Then scan the label with your mobile device and you can edit the inventory account on the spot.

    Considering how expensive inventory management tools can get, Scanventory is incredibly affordable for what it does. You even get event logs and audit trails to keep track of all the labels printed and scans.

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  • 5. Smart Manager for WooCommerce

    Smart Manager For WooCommerce

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    Plugin Description

    Want to kick things up a notch? Smart Manager is a free plugin packed with powerful inventory management tools.

    Smart Manager emphasizes speed and superior workflows for running your eCommerce business. The practical interface added by this plugin allows you to batch edit products and get a birds-eye view of your store at all times.

    Use this plugin to aid with stock management, quick inline product editing, advanced searching, and more. This plugin is sure to save you time every day when managing your store. Plus, there’s an incredibly robust premium version available if you want even more functionality.

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  • 6. Z Inventory Manager

    Z Inventory Manager

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    Plugin Description

    Z Inventory Manager is a very simple inventory management plugin. Unlike the other plugins listed here, it isn’t designed to work with WooCommerce. It’s a standalone solution.

    This stock management plugin will work best if you handle your sales offline or with a program besides WooCommerce. For instance, if you just want to set up a PayPal button on your site (we have some more eCommerce plugins here) and track inventory manually, Z Inventory Manager will be perfect.

    There is a premium upgrade with some more features, but even the upgrade is pretty straightforward. You get basic inventory management, receipts for purchase orders, sales tracking, and a simple report to view the utilization of your total inventory and specific products.

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Which inventory management plugin is best?

Katana is a robust inventory management app for growing eCommerce businesses. It’s an excellent solution for stores that need a more professional solution.

WooCommerce Out of Stock Manager is a simple alternative. It’s not the most feature-rich plugin here, but it’s easy to get started with.

If you want something more complex, go with ATUM or Smart Manager.

If you keep your inventory on location, Scanventory could be the best software you buy for your business this year.

Want to know more about these inventory management WordPress plugins? Post any questions you have below.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
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