How to Change a WordPress Page’s URL [No Plugins]

Need to change a page URL?

WordPress makes it easy to change the URL of any post or page via the dashboard. Here’s how to do it.

How to Change a Page or Post’s URL

First, navigate to the page editor in your dashboard. Once there, you’ll see the current URL displayed beneath the title of the post/page.

screenshot highlight the URL of a page
WordPress calls this the “Permalink”

Next to it there’s an Edit button you can click to enable the URL editor.

screenshot of a post URL being changed

Update to the desired URL and press the OK button. Then make sure to click the Update button to save the post, or the new URL won’t be saved.

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Why hyphens?

WordPress separates words with hyphens in the URLs. This is a commonly used practice and makes for easy-to-read URLs.

Make sure to separate words with hyphens, rather than spaces or underscores. Also, it’s best to take out any stop words like “a”, “the”, and “or”.

Yes, and no.

If you update the URL of a post or page, WordPress will automatically update the URL everywhere it can on your site. For instance, if you have a link in your menu to a page and you update its URL, WordPress will automatically link to the page’s new URL. Likewise, your blog will always link to your posts’ current URLs no matter how many times you update them.

That said, WordPress will not update any links within your post content (I mean a link like this). Also, any other sites that linked to your post/page will be linking to the old URL still which will show a 404 error.

As just mentioned, external links and links within post/page content will still point to the old URL. You could manually update links in your content, but what about those external links?

For that, you simply need a redirect. You can setup a redirect so when someone visits the old URL, they will automatically be taken to the new URL. Your visitors won’t even notice the difference.

You can follow our guide on creating redirects with WordPress to learn more.

URL update complete

It’s best to avoid changing URLs if you can, but there are times when you need to modify them. When that happens you can easily change them using the permalink editor in WordPress.

Make sure to follow best practices when editing your URLs and set up a redirect afterward to avoid sending people to a 404 error.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
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