How to Make a Website Like Fiverr [No coding required]

Want to launch your own version of Fiverr?

I’ve got some good news:

It’s never been easier.

With the tools available now, you can make a site like Fiverr from scratch for $154.40, or only $89 if you already have a domain and hosting.

Even better, it’s not going to be a buggy, mediocre Fiverr clone, it’s going to be a gorgeous kick-ass Fiverr competitor.

The site you’ll create

Here’s the site you’ll be making:

MicrojobEngine demo site

Here’s a link to the demo site if you want to browse it for yourself.

What you can’t see is all the functionality. That includes allowing sellers to register and list jobs, payment gateway support for PayPal and Stripe (and more), and a full review system for providing feedback on jobs.

The look of the site is customizable, but you can expect your site to look like the demo featured above.

To be clear before we move on: you won’t need to write any code to create any part of the site.

How to create a site like Fiverr

There are 5 steps to create a website like Fiverr:

  1. Purchase a domain name
  2. Get hosting for your site
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Install & configure MicrojobEngine
  5. Launch your site

In this tutorial, I’ll help you create your own WordPress site, and introduce you to the best solution for adding a gig marketplace to a site.

What you need

These are the best tools available for making a site like Fiverr. They’ll let you make an awesome site and you’ll do it with the smallest financial investment possible.

There are two things you need.

A WordPress site

First, you need to create your own WordPress website. I’ll explain exactly why I recommend WordPress in a moment, and show you how to do that.


To add the necessary functionality to the site and make it look like Fiverr, I recommend MicrojobEngine by EngineThemes. I’ll explain my recommendation and share some alternatives as well later in the guide.

Let’s tackle the WordPress site first. If you already have a WordPress site or know how to set one up, you can skip to the second part.

Why you should use WordPress

To make your site, you have two approaches.

First, you could hire a developer/agency. Due to a large amount of functionality required, the site would likely take months and tens of thousands of dollars to have custom made.

The second option is to use existing software. This basically leaves you with WordPress or PHP scripts. Platforms like Weebly and Squarespace simply don’t have the functionality you need to create a site like Fiverr.

Here’s why I believe WordPress is the best choice for your site.


First, WordPress is a solid and reliable platform with billions of dollars worth of development invested in it (WordPress itself is free).

There’s a reason why it now powers 27% of the web.


If you learn WordPress now, you won’t have to relearn it for your next site. There’s always a next site 🙂


Lastly, the community is great.

You can always find answers to your WordPress questions with a quick Google search, or by posting on one of the support forums. And of course, there are lots of great products built on top of WordPress like MicrojobEngine.

How to setup a WordPress site

I go into detail on how to create a WordPress site here, so follow along with that guide first if you’ve never made your own WordPress site.

That will get you up and running. Once you have the site setup, you’ll be ready to transform it into a multi-vendor job marketplace like Fiverr with MicrojobEngine.

Why you should use MicrojobEngine

There are a handful of solutions for creating a gig site like Fiverr, but MicrojobEngine is by far the best.

Example job page with MicrojobEngine

Here’s why I recommend it over other solutions.


First of all, the theme looks great. Aesthetics aren’t just for the vain – they affect trust and the visitors’ purchase decisions.

Also, it looks awesome on mobile devices which is an ever-increasing factor for successful websites.


Every element from the job listings to the checkout flow is really well done. Often times, WordPress themes will look nice, but the way they work doesn’t make sense. MicrojobEngine is intuitive for visitors and sellers alike to use.

Comprehensive functionality

MicrojobEngine has a mind-blowing amount of functionality. It includes all the essential features you’ll need for a site like Fiverr.

  • Two-sided order tracking
  • Safe payment system
  • Design optimized for conversions
  • Review system
  • Direct chat box
  • Interactive user dashboard

Reviews, dashboards, chat boxes – everything you need is included. Plus, there’s a ton of secondary features you’ll likely want too.

screenshot of MicrojobEngines many features

How to setup MicrojobEngine

EngineThemes has a comprehensive knowledgebase with all the tutorials you need to get started.

They’re extremely detailed from explaining the page flows to showing how to customize the theme.

Screenshot of the support center

You should have no problems working through the tutorials setting up your site how you want.

Alternatives to MicrojobEngine

If there’s something you can’t find in the MicrojobEngine theme, there are some decent alternatives available.

SiteMile makes the Pricerr theme and it would be my second pick. While it doesn’t look quite as good and the admin menus are a little more complex, it would likely still work well for your site.

Tasker is another decent alternative and the folks at AppThemes usually do good work. Lastly, we have the Micro Jobs theme by PremiumPress.

We have a few other micro job themes you can consider for your site as well.

While I think any of these solutions would work well, I still can’t recommend you use a PHP script for the site. You’ll get a more reliable, easier to use, and likely more feature-rich site with a WordPress theme.

Launch your Fiverr site

If you want to make a blog or basic e-commerce store, there are many products to choose from. However, when making more complex sites, like a job marketplace, you quickly run out of options.

Not too long ago you’d be stuck hiring expensive developers. Luckily, the scale of WordPress has enabled companies like EngineThemes to make feature-rich, niche themes like MicrojobEngine.

I hope you’re excited to make a site like Fiverr, especially if it’s your first site! If you have any questions, please post them in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help out how I can.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley is a WordPress theme designer & developer, and founder of Compete Themes.

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