The 7 Best Micro Job WordPress Themes for 2020

Ben Sibley

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

If you want to create a site like Fiverr, you’ll love the themes collected here.

All of the themes in this list have two-sided marketplace functionality. That means sellers can register on the site to list their jobs, and buyers can register to purchase services and leave reviews.

Due to the complexity of this functionality, there aren’t that many pre-built solutions available, but this collection includes all of the best options.

Micro job WordPress themes

Every theme listed here has an incredible amount of functionality included. On top of that, they’re all responsive, so every page will look great on tablets and mobile devices in addition to laptops and desktop computers.

Here are my top picks for best micro job WordPress themes for 2020.
  • 1. Workreap by Amento Tech (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    The Workreap theme was made to create a marketplace website where freelancers can join and list themselves for hire. It includes tons of categorization options and search which will make it easy for your visitors to find and hire the perfect person for the job.

    Workreap includes a massive volume of functionality including a deep integration with WooCommerce which allows payments to be made directly on your site. There’s also built-in one-to-one live chat on the site, a wallet system, a microservices feature to set up the site like Fiverr, and a complete review system so the service providers can be rated.

    On top of all these powerful business features, Workreap also has a great variety of theme options for customizing the design of the site. There’s a page builder plugin and admin options panel allowing you to customize the site however you want.

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  • 2. MyListing by 27Collective (Themeforest)

    MyListing WordPress theme

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    Theme Description

    Here’s a different way to approach the gig website: charge vendors to list their services rather than taking a small commission. When your site is still small and it’s not closing hundreds of sales per day, this might be a more profitable path to get started with.

    MyListing is a gorgeous theme and endlessly customizable. It works with the Elementor plugin for a drag-and-drop page building experience, and everything else from the fonts to the colors is totally customizable.

    When it comes to monetization, you can easily charge members to add listings. You can even create different packages and present a pricing table for them to choose the one that fits their needs best. Best of all, this theme is premium all the way through. Your members will get a beautiful sales dashboard where they can review their performance and orders any time.

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  • 3. MicrojobEngine by Engine Themes

    Microjob Engine

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    Theme Description

    MicrojobEngine is my first recommendation because of its exceptional design quality and the ease-of-use. With so many features bundled in the theme, there’s going to be quite a few menus and settings to get through. This could easily become a mess, but the developers at EngineThemes have done a great job making this theme easy to set up customize via some intuitive admin menus.

    Regarding the design, you’ll find the MicrojobEngine takes its cues directly from the Fiverr website. I think this is great because Fiverr’s design has been carefully crafted and optimized over the years. In addition, there are a handful of established design conventions that are worth copying to make your site easy to use. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel!

    MicrojobEngine includes a massive amount of functionality, so I can’t cover it all here, but a few of the coolest features include:

    • On-site notifications
    • Seller dashboards
    • Two-sided order tracking

    It’s a pretty comprehensive all-in-one solution for creating your own microjob website.

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  • 4. Taskerr by AppThemes


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    Theme Description

    Taskerr is another great option for creating a micro job website. It doesn’t have the slickest style, but a little bit of CSS would spruce of the design nicely without needing to write any PHP or edit the template files. Where Taskerr really shines is the functionality.

    The main method of pricing in Taskerr is a bit more like a classified ads site. Charge sellers to list their gig for a set period of time, and they can then repurchase or renew their gig by paying again. This is a very profitable model, but another method is to take a percentage of each sale made by your sellers (coming soon). You have full control over the price and how long the gig stays on the site as well as how many pricing tiers you offer.

    In addition to the pricing tools, Taskerr has built-in notifications, special login and user registration pages, and well-designed user dashboards.

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  • 5. FreelanceEngine by EngineThemes


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    Theme Description

    FreelanceEngine is another theme by EngineThemes and it’s a little bit different from MicrojobEngine. While MJE might be a perfect fit, FreelanceEngine will work pretty well too. You can use it to make your own site like Upwork.

    Freelancers can signup and list themselves as available for work, and businesses can signup to hire them. There’s some powerful functionality included which allows for full project bidding allowing service providers to compete for work that gets listed on the site.

    This theme really excels when it comes to design quality. It looks modern and has a style that isn’t overly trendy, so it’s sure to last well into the future. The design is consistent and maintains its attractiveness and usability across all the different page templates included in a two-sided marketplace.

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  • 6. HireBee by AppThemes


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    Theme Description

    Like FreelanceEngine, HireBee is more like the Freelancer website than Fiverr. However, it still has the multi-vendor marketplace build where visitors can signup to sell their services.

    There is so much content and other features that need to be included for this theme to be complete. HireBee doesn’t miss a beat.

    Project pages include info about the employer, full project descriptions, tags, categories, locations, and pricing. Employers have detailed profiles including their active and past projects. The freelancer profiles are similarly comprehensive. They include an avatar, and average pay per hour, a portfolio, social icons, and a success rate amongst a few other elements.

    The marketplace features are comprehensive and definitely the most important part of the theme, but there are some other cool options included in the theme like the complete Escrow system to ensure fairness between clients and freelancers.

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  • 7. Micro Jobs by PremiumPress

    Micro Jobs

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    Theme Description

    Micro Jobs is a premium theme with a simple and clean design for a gig site. It’s got a sensible layout for featuring gigs that everyone member of the marketplace will appreciate.

    The gig page features a bit about the seller including their reputation. This is thanks to the review system that comes built-into Micro Jobs. The bottom of the page includes a list of similar jobs to help visitors find competing services so they can find their favorite.

    There’s also a gigs listing page where visitors can search for gigs by keyword, category, and price range. There are also sorting options including the most recently added, most popular, and cheapest/most expensive.

    For customization, Micro Jobs integrates with the Elementor plugin for easy page building. If you’re a developer, you’ll also appreciate that it’s built with Bootstrap which may make customization via a child theme quick and painless.

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Which micro job theme is best for you?

MicrojobEngine stands out as the most appropriate and advanced solution for making and running a gig website. In addition to all the excellent features that come with this theme, it also has a premium-level design that makes it stand out from some inferior solutions.

You should also check out Workreap for a more freelancer style website, and MyListing if you want to take a directory approach to monetization.

If you don’t like the design in MicrojobEngine or it lacks a feature you need, I would next recommend the Taskerr or Micro Jobs themes. They are made for the same type of website and should work well for creating a website like Fiverr.

Lastly, FreelanceEngine and HireBee aren’t exactly targeted at gig sites, but there is a ton of overlap in their functionality. They’re definitely worth checking out before you make your final choice.

Get your questions about these micro job WordPress themes by posting a comment below.

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