Top 12 Best Classified Ads WordPress Themes for 2020

Ben Sibley

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

You’re in for a treat.

Just a few years ago, you’d be hard-pressed to find a simple solution to create a classified ads site. You’d probably end up shelling out thousands of dollars to a developer with a pricey maintenance contract attached.

But these days? Starting a classifieds site is easy with WordPress.

Numerous shops have made incredibly feature-rich and beautiful themes exactly for this purpose. Instead of patching together a site, you can simply pick from among the best complete solutions available.

Keep reading to find the top WordPress themes for classified sites I’ve picked out.

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Classified WordPress themes

Each of these themes is responsive (mobile-friendly) and works well with the latest version of WordPress.

Use these templates to start a classified directory, sell advertising, and build a reputation as an excellent classified ads business.

Here are my top picks for best classified ad WordPress themes for 2020.
  • 1. ClassiAds by Design Invento (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Classiads is a WordPress theme used mainly for classified websites. This theme concentrates on the experience for the user for your website, an important design concern.

    You want your website to be mobile friendly, as this is becoming a growing concern for search engine rankings, and Classiads nails the mobile design. You’ll love the advanced typography, in particular, which enables you to use a wide variety of fonts for your website.

    The drag-and-drop design options make customizing your website incredibly easy. Installing Classiads is a quick and simple process, allowing you to jump right into launching your website. Lastly, there are many custom fields which means you can support a wide variety of product types.

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  • 2. AdForest by ScriptsBundle (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    AdForest is a new theme on Themeforest for classified ad sites. It’s got a clean design, great features, and customers are a big fan of the support the developers are providing.

    Listings in AdForest are comprehensive. All of the details you could want to know about the item including photos and videos are all easily accessible, and contact information is kept readily available in multiple locations.

    AdForest has some really cool features, such as on-site messages, bidding on ads, and seller ratings. The developers are constantly updating the theme and adding new features, so there is likely much more coming to this classified ads theme.

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  • 3. Motors by Stylemix Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Motors is a classifieds theme with an emphasis on automobiles. There are multiple demos setup for car dealerships, repair shops, boat dealers, car rentals, and general directories.

    Don’t be thrown off by the name; Motors can be used for any classified directory. It lets you choose any criteria for the search filters. For instance, a car dealership can use qualities like the make, model, and condition to let visitors find a car.

    Motors has multiple layouts for the directory pages and the individual inventory item pages. An especially cool feature is the product comparison table which helps visitors make a purchase decision. Overall, Motors is an excellent theme and an obvious choice for anyone getting into the automobile industry.

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  • 4. ClassifiedEngine by EngineThemes


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    Theme Description

    ClassifiedEngine is WordPress theme that can really make your website stand out. This theme has many customization options for creating, editing, and monetizing ad space.

    Sellers on your website will notice how user-friendly the interface is too. They’ll enjoy creating a profile to show off all their listings on the site. You can even allow users to setup specific payment plans, as ClassifiedEngine features integrated payment gateways.

    ClassifiedEngine automatically creates a mobile-friendly version of your website, so you won’t have to worry about any search engine penalties on mobile. You can also integrate map functionality to all aspects of your website.

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  • 5. Classiera by JoinWebs (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Classiera is a theme for directory and ad listing websites in WordPress. You’ll notice right away that it’s a very flexible theme.

    Classiera has five different homepages, all with their own unique features. A neat countdown feature can be used while you are still hammering out the final details of your official website, or do advertise a promotion. Custom category options provide you with seemingly endless ways to fine tune the content and design.

    The advance search bar with Classiera gives users a detailed set of options to find what they need. The inclusion of Google Maps integration into Classiera makes even searching by location a possibility to find listings. You and your visitors will love the features of Classeiera.

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  • 6. ClassiPress by AppThemes


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    Theme Description

    ClassiPress is a WordPress theme made for use with classified ad websites. This theme is very easy to install, leaving you more time to see what is inside of this theme.

    Your ads will have many customization options, including those related to fixed, percentage, and category pricing. Custom fields can easily be added into your ads, and you can choose which ads to feature on the homepage.

    Memberships are a popular feature of classified websites, and they’re fully integrated with ClassiPress. One popular feature of this theme is the ability to add a 30-day unlimited membership at a price of your choosing. Offering unlimited access to the features of your website will have anyone wanting to start their own membership.

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  • 7. Classifieds by Templatic


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    Theme Description

    The Classifieds theme has a really visual look that visitors will enjoy browsing more than a simple list of links. Promote popular ads on the homepage and help visitors quickly navigate the site’s contents with the use of icon based category buttons.

    This WP theme includes advanced filtering and user ad submission, so monetizing your site will be simple.

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  • 8. Classify by JoinWebs (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Classify is a solid theme for creating an ad marketplace and comes with a great feature set.

    Ad pages support Google Maps embeds, image sliders, and custom details. You can add details for clothing like the brand and size while adding info like the location and experience requirements for a job listing.

    Classify has multiple layouts for listing multiple ads, in-ad video support, and comes bundled with LayerSlider. There are other themes in this list you should consider first, but if you like Classify’s clean aesthetic, give it a shot.

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  • 9. elist by Elegant Themes


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    Theme Description

    eList is a WordPress theme used for directory type websites. Users are allowed to create their own listings and submit them you, so you can review and moderate as you see fit.

    The integration of e-commerce capabilities means that you can easily monetize your website with eList. Get paid to list businesses or products.

    eList is also very versatile, as the developers ensure that their theme works well on a wide variety of platforms. It’s built with very secure code and is W3C compliant.

    In terms of customization, the eList theme includes countless color schemes, a custom form builder to modify listing options, and many other helpful features.

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  • 10. ClassiCraft by InkThemes


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    Theme Description

    ClassiCraft is a WordPress theme designed for promoting classified ads. Users can use the many customization options available on this theme to make their classified ad.

    You will enjoy the ease at which you can monetize your website with this theme. You can let users publish free or premium listings, which you can set the price for. Visitors will love being able to see the most popular items, located right on the front page!

    Categorization ensure that every visitor can quickly get to the section of your website they want to visit. Homepage slider options provide an extra touch of visual creativity to the site.

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  • 11. Geocraft by InkThemes


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    Theme Description

    In an age when so many people are searching for businesses online, having a directory can be a valuable tool. Create yours with the Geocraft WordPress theme.

    This theme differs a bit from the more traditional classified themes here, but it may be a great fit for anyone more interested in location-based listings.

    The Geocraft theme is extremely versatile allowing for listings based on category and/or location. With a few clicks, any visitor can setup their own listing. And as for customization, with a high degree of color and layout options available, Geocraft is a very customizable theme.

    Lastly, monetizing is incredibly easy with this theme thanks to the easy payment system included. And in case you’re worried about spammers, Geocraft includes CAPTCHA for registrations.

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  • 12. Classifieds Theme by PremiumPress

    Classifieds Theme

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    Theme Description

    One aspect that you will love about Classifieds is how simple it is to install. You don’t have to be a technical wizard to have Classifieds installed on your website quickly. This ad theme also allows for unlimited installs, meaning you won’t have to purchase it again for use on another domain (great for network building).

    Create, enhance, and customize your site with the wide array of visual options provided by Classifieds. Members can easily create free or paid accounts, and you can setup recurring payments which means you’ll get passive income. Additionally, Classifieds offers integration with on-page advertisement space which ensures even more revenue for your website.

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Which Classified ads theme is right for you?

You can build a classified ads business with any of these themes, but some may be a better fit for your site than others. Beyond the aesthetics, make sure the theme has the customization options you need and a design that will assist your goals.

Have any questions about these themes or setting up a WordPress site? Leave a comment below.

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